Let Healthy Cooking Classes Boston Help You Master Your Healthy Meal Prep

Healthy Cooking Classes Boston: We come to your home for the ultimate in service and convenience

Are you ready for healthy cooking classes Boston? We can't wait to come to your home and help you learn how to cook tasty, healthy food in a snap.

Dawn Boulay is a personal chef who loves to teach healthy cooking classes. Dawn Boulay is a certified personal trainer as well, which means she is very aware of the role a healthy diet plays in looking and feeling great. Dawn's specialty as a personal chef is to provide delicious, healthy, nutritionally balanced, wholesome meals with an eye to those who wish to lose or maintain weight.

Taking cooking classes in your home makes sense because we will teach you how to use the tools you have at your disposal in your own kitchen to make the types of dishes and items you are interested in. Many people find that they attend cooking classes but it doesn't help much in real life because much of the equipment is too fancy or complicated to learn. With the in-home classes, you will find that you can easily replicate the cooking on your own and without having to purchase additional equipment. The convenience of in-home cooking lessons also can't be beat. Your instructor will come with all necessary food and any other supplies, making it easy and stress-free for you.

Dawn will talk to you on the phone to find out what your needs are, and then plan a lesson or series of lessons designed specifically for you to help you prepare healthy meals that suit your tastes. Dawn also provides a number of standard healthy cooking classes if you would like a general overview of healthy cooking techniques. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read about the Chef.

Healthy Cooking Classes in your home

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Healthy Cooking Classes Boston: about the chef

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Dawn Boulay has been a caterer, freelance chef/manager, and personal chef since 1992. Her culinary experience includes working for several high end caterers in the Metro Boston area, as well as owning and operating a small catering company, Bistro a go-go. She worked at Rocc's Restaurant part time under Barbara Lynch and managed the Jordan Marsh Bakery. Additionally, Dawn has worked as a Personal Chef and maintains a list of clients for dinner parties. Dawn was educated at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and graduated Professional Chef. Dawn has taught at the Cambridge School of Professional Arts as well. She also is a certified personal trainer. Read her trainer bio here.