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Like many Home Bodies clients, Mike Myhre was hoping to find a way to get fitness into his life on a consistent basis. “With my crazy schedule working in surgical sales (early mornings and sometimes late nights), and having two kids and being married, I faced many of the challenges we all face when trying to stay in shape,” says Mike. “Before Home Bodies, I found that getting time to exercise was a moving target. I would run for a couple of days and then something would come up in work or family that I would find excuses not to work out. It always seemed that I would start something and get discouraged because I couldn't keep it going. Kinda like one step forward 2 steps back.”

“I never used a trainer before, so this was a new experience for me,” says Mike. I felt like I needed someone to help me keep on track and stay consistent with a plan. I chose Home Bodies and my trainer, Bill Boylan, because I knew needed a plan and needed to stay consistent for this to work.”

When asked about his goals coming into hiring a personal trainer, Mike explains: “My goals initially were to get into a routine and find a way to make exercise a part of my lifestyle and routine. I really just wanted to feel better and use it as a stress reducer in my life, and routinely find time to do it. As I made exercise a part of my life and found it routine, I wanted to take my diet to another level and see changes that I haven't been able to achieve with just the exercise. Bill has helped me take it to the next level with my nutrition. I have gone down 4 pant sizes since starting with Bill. In addition, it was important for me to involve my wife, Kate, so we joined a local gym that offers daycare and this has helped a great deal. My wife has really gotten into this as well and we find ourselves on the same page regarding diet and healthy lifestyle.”

My program has changed over the past year, but it includes a combination of strength, cardio, and they key being it is always different exercises that keeps it interesting. The weight training specifically changes every 8 weeks or so.

My sessions, in one word, are fun! They are hard work, but I feel like having a good rapport/relationship with your trainer is key to your success. If you are able to laugh along the way, it makes it that much easier to enjoy it. Bill has always been flexible with what we do and gets a sense of how I am feeling and what I am ready for in each session. From my perspective, to stay motivated, it is important that you have someone who is focused on you and not just putting programs together that don't suit you or are more in the interest of the trainer.

Initially, I was less concerned about my nutrition, but as I got in better shape and wanted to see more changes in my body, I knew that this would be a key aspect of my program. Bill and I actually went to the supermarket and analyzed my diet. I have found that by eating more vegetables, increasing my proteins, good fats, and eating more frequent smaller meals that my energy is up and my weight is down. This was a very helpful activity in kick starting my nutritional program. 

My results have been great.
I think everyone is different, and you get your results at the pace that works for you. Over the past year I have lost 35 pounds and gone down 4 pant waist sizes. I also think that I able to let things "roll" off my back that were bothering we and have become better at acting on things instead of just worrying about them. 

“My words of advice to someone thinking about working out are as follows: You have to reach a point where this is important for you and only you can answer that. I am realizing now that being healthy and fit is more of a journey than a destination. Keep your workouts and diet fun and interesting no matter what.”

-Mike Myhre

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