North Reading MA In Home Personal Trainer: Client Spotlight

“Is there hope for me??”

-Kathy Allen

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north reading ma in home personal trainer

"Is there hope for me??" Those are the words Kathy Allen wrote to Gina in an e-mail after explaining her work schedule and her largely sedentary lifestyle. Kathy works for an international company that demands long hours (until 10pm some days) and regular business trips to Europe and Asia. In addition to that, Kathy was diagnosed with arthritis and she hadn’t followed a workout program for years. Kathy didn’t know if there was hope for someone like her—but Gina assured her, there certainly was!

Kathy has been following a twice per week full-body weight training program since June 10th of this year. Despite her fears, she has found she can fit an effective workout program into her schedule. Exercising doesn’t seem overwhelming anymore! She’s continued her walking, which she became more regular with upon Gina’s recommendation. Kathy typically has to fit most of her walking in on the weekends at this point because her weekday work schedule is so consuming. However, Kathy makes sure she fulfills at least the minimum number of workouts per week that Gina recommends.

Kathy has belonged to other fitness programs in the past, but has made excuses to stop going. She decided to hire an at-home personal trainer to accommodate her schedule, so she has no excuses! Her goals were to firm up and lose weight when she started working with Gina, and she admits that she wasn’t too sure she would be able to accomplish those goals. Now, she is confident that it will happen!

north reading home personal trainerKathy received an award for being a Home Bodies client for ten years!

One thing I like about Kathy’s approach to her goals was that she decided to make changes in her lifestyle systematically, rather than try to change everything that could use changing at once. For example, Kathy didn’t put pressure on herself to diet while she took on the commitment of sticking to an exercise program. She didn’t force herself to start taking supplements every day or drink a certain amount of water. Her only lifestyle goal at the start was to follow my exercise recommendations as closely as possible. I believe this is a big reason why Kathy is doing so well and why she is sticking with the program and happy with it. 

Kathy loves the fact that Gina’s workouts are never boring, and that she keeps the training time interesting and varied, even though they meet at what some would consider to be a super-early hour (5:30am). Kathy also likes that she can fit in the minimum requirements for workout frequency even during her busiest weeks. She has noticed improved muscle tone and that her clothes fit better. She also notices that she is getting stronger, particularly during her last business trip when she realized that she was able to put her carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment and not feel like a “helpless female!” Kathy says she is very impressed with how knowledgeable Gina is on a number of topics, including physiology of exercises and the benefit and interaction of supplements. Gina also tipped her off on a good way to take calcium supplements: Viactiv chocolate chewables. Being a chocolate-lover, Kathy never misses her calcium supplement now! 

Kathy has lived in North Reading MA most of her life. She lives with her husband Peter and her three teenage sons, Jonathan, Zachary and Nicholas—and also her dog, Kasey. She enjoys traveling, hanging out with her sons, and fine food and wine!

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