Need a Kittery Point ME in home personal trainer?

Kittery Point ME in home personal trainer

Kittery Point ME in home personal trainers are available via Home Bodies in home fitness training! Meet one of our valued clients in today's client spotlight.

Sue Anderson is from Kittery Point, ME. I met Sue at the Seacoast Family YMCA in Portsmouth, NH. Sue had already made exercising a part of her daily lifestyle. She decided to work with a trainer to mix up her workouts for better results. At the time, I didn't even have Home Bodies yet and I was just working as a trainer in the gym. When I initiated my in home personal training business and was able to travel to Kittery Point, Sue was all over it! We were able to make the transition toward meeting at her home from them on out.

I have been working with her since July of 2003. Sue has been able to increase her fitness level in the midst of a busy family life and while working and commuting full-time. It’s not easy to organize it all, but she makes sure to get those workouts in and she’s had good success reducing the refined carbs in her diet. She works as hard as anyone I have encountered during my career as a personal trainer, and has a high fitness level as a result. Sue is living proof that you get out what you put in when it comes to fitness results.

"Call me crazy, but I actually like to exercise!" Says Sue. With an attitude like that, you can see how she would go far! In spite of Sue's passion for exercise, she still enjoys the push that having a trainer offers her, and she enjoys learning more about how to maximize her time spent exericising. Sue is a nurse, and with a job that stressful, working out is a welcome stress reliever for her. She also sees firsthand the effects of a sedentary lifestyle in many of her patients - another big motivator.

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Kittery Point ME home personal trainer

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