Personal Training North Andover MA: Client Spotlight

Personal training in North Andover, MA: Meet Emily Weidman, a client who utilizes Home Bodies to manage heart disease

If you're looking for personal training in North Andover MA, let Home Bodies help you just as we helped Emily! Let's hear from her now about her experience training with us.

woman benefits from personal training in north andover maEmily Weidman had a wake-up call when she noticed the word "overweight" on her chart at the Doctor.

"About two years ago I was in my doctor’s office for my semi-annual meeting on my high cholesterol and when she stepped out of the office I glanced over at my folder open on her desk. I saw a note in the file 'overweight.' That was a total shock to me. I had never thought of myself as overweight - but in fact I was a little overweight. I really wanted to lose weight and had been trying for years. I had been consistently exercising and eating what I thought was a good diet but I never lost any weight. Meeting with the nutritionist at the hospital wasn’t any help either. I was very discouraged.

Then I discovered Gina’s book Mind Over Fatter at the chiropractor’s office. It was the first book I found that combined all three elements: information on cardio, weights and nutrition. There was so much helpful information in the book that I felt like I finally had some knowledge how to proceed. But what I lacked was the personal help with my own exercise program.

I didn’t really know my level of cardio fitness or how much weight to lift. That was when I decided to work with a personal trainer. I realized that I have good discipline when it comes to working out if I know what to do. The nutrition piece was harder for me. But when I learned that I needed to eat more protein early in the day and watch my total calorie count, then I was on my way to healthy eating. The greatest obstacle was my addiction to chocolate. What I observed was that when I had enough protein, my craving for sweets diminished. I never thought I could 'kick the chocolate habit' but I finally did. It just required pre-planning to get the protein I needed and substitution when I still wanted chocolate. Chocolate protein powder and chocolate nutrition bars both helped satisfy the craving as well as dried fruit and candied ginger. 

If I hadn’t found such a great personal trainer, I think I would be still fumbling around in the dark feeling frustrated that I wasn’t making any progress. I'm so glad that Gina is able to come to North Andover!

My great love is Richardson’s Dairy chocolate frozen yogurt. So I decided that instead of feeling guilty when I indulged in a yogurt cone, I would actually find out the nutritional profile of frozen yogurt. What I found was that a small 8 oz. cone has 280 calories and 80 calories from fat. That doesn’t seem too bad to have once in awhile for a special treat. 

If I hadn’t found such a great personal trainer, I think I would be still fumbling around in the dark feeling frustrated that I wasn’t making any progress. Instead, now I have the knowledge that I need to continue losing weight and getting fit. It is totally liberating to know that I have changed and can keep on improving day by day. I was able to apply the principles you taught me. 

My month away in Vermont I took for personal reasons was very intense with almost no personal time to do anything. I took a few walks but that was all I could manage in terms of exercise, sad to say. However the diet was very good and I actually managed to lose weight. Even though my exercise program has been compromised by being away, what you taught me about diet has been invaluable. I realize now that I do exercise when I am home and that when I go on retreat or teach even though I want to exercise, there just isn't time or space available to do it. So I do the best I can to get back to where I was strengthwise when I am home. 

Every day I had to attend a meeting after lunch where people brought chocolate (all kinds of the best chocolate imaginable!) but I decided at the beginning that I wouldn't eat any chocolate snacks and I didn't! It is the first time that I was able to not get hooked (I am a choc-o-holic). I think my success had to do with planning ahead (eating enough protein) and anticipating being faced with the challenge. I was happy to have protein bars, some peanuts and ginger in my room as a backup snack. It is a real victory knowing that I can make healthy choices and not be stuck in old patterns. Thank you for your help in this. Learning about calories, portions, and protein has been invaluable. 

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