Personal Training Dover NH: Client Spotlight

Some weeks I feel like I’ve followed the program to the letter, and some weeks I feel like I’ve been a slacker. Jenny always reminds me that it’s a brand new week and points out that my slacker weeks are actually 10 times better than my pre-trainer days!

-Cath McGuire

If you are looking for in home personal training in Dover NH, you're in luck! Home Bodies has served Dover NH since 2004. Let's hear from one of our Home Bodies clients from Dover! Meet Cath McGuire.

Personal Training Dover NH

"I finally got serious about getting healthy and losing weight when two people I am close to decided to undergo bariatric surgery. In learning, through them, the process of bariatric surgery, I came to realize that that is not a good fit for me and I really needed to get serious before major health concerns developed. Both of them had very successful surgeries and have lost a ton of weight, but I can’t see myself making the life changes necessary to be successful in that way. I was never consistent with weight loss or exercise programs before Home Bodies. I love to garden, but that is seasonal and didn’t address my out of control eating habits.

I love that Home Bodies trainers come to your home and use your home equipment, or counters, or chairs, or your own body weight! Learning exercises this way makes you realize that you can incorporate exercise into everyday life.

I didn’t expect to bond with Jenny as fast as I did. She’s young enough to be my daughter, slim enough to make me jealous and knowledgeable enough to intimidate me!

From the very first session, she empowered me and taught me and shared her knowledge freely. I have never felt judged for being so overweight by my trainer. She gently pushes me to do more, but understands when my busy life temporarily gets in the way. She helps me stay on track, celebrates my successes and inspires me to be healthier every week. 

My original goal was to lose weight. A lot of weight. Jenny encouraged me to break it down into more manageable, more tangible goals. I have reached my first goal of losing 30 pounds. In the process I increased my strength and endurance. Now I enjoy setting goals like not missing a single workout this month, or eating 95% healthy this week. Along the way I am confident I will lose the rest. 

Jenny has been a really good sport about mixing up my training sessions. She senses when I am getting too comfortable with the sets and finds something new and challenging to excite me. It’s a good mix of strength training and cardio. 

I like that Jenny gets as excited about my health advances as I do. She’ll remind me of how shaky I was at the beginning, or how much more flexible I am, or how much longer I can exercise. I also like that she accommodates my painful knees and helps to find exercises that strengthen them without making them feel worse. I am scheduled for knee replacement surgery and Jenny has been very helpful with getting me in the best shape possible for the quickest recovery time. At each doctor’s appointment, the staff is very pleased that I am working with Home Bodies to get ready for my surgery. 

Jenny outlined a very sensible eating program that is very livable and easy to follow. She encouraged me to journal for the first few months and patiently went through meals to show me where I was loading on too many carbs, or where I could work in some more protein. I really feel confident now when planning meals or eating on the fly that I can eat nutritiously and feel satisfied without overdoing it. Filling up on actual meals that are nutritionally balanced have curbed many of my urges to snack on junk. 

I’ve lost 30 pounds since January and I have had to buy smaller clothing since I started working with Jenny. My measurements have been fun to track each month. I can garden longer, wrestle with my grandsons and I have lots more energy. People comment about the weight loss and that’s pretty cool, too. Some weeks I feel like I’ve followed the program to the letter, and some weeks I feel like I’ve been a slacker. Jenny always reminds me that it’s a brand new week and points out that my slacker weeks are actually 10 times better than my pre-trainer days! 

Absolutely give Home Bodies a try! It saves time because a trainer will make sure you are using the correct form and working at the correct intensity to actually benefit from your efforts. I love training at home and finding ways to incorporate fitness into everyday life. Knowing that Jenny is coming keeps me on track and encourages me to follow through with my workouts. It’s like making a date with yourself to take care of yourself. If I could, I’d have Jenny move in and be my full time trainer! 

I grew up in Portsmouth but have lived in Dover for almost 30 years. I am Office Manager for Dover Fire & Rescue. I spend too much time sitting at a desk and being stressed out over paperwork. I work with all these superfit firefighters, which can be a little disheartening, but some of them have noticed my efforts and that is encouraging. I love gardening, reading, playing cards, traveling." 

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