Amesbury Home Personal Trainer: Client Spotlight

“Gina is good support and knowledgeable. She varies the program, which keeps workouts interesting."

-Diane Pendergast

If you're in need of an Amesbury Home Personal Trainer, no worries! Home Bodies in-home fitness training has got you covered.

amesbury ma home personal trainerDiane really appreciates the ease of using a Home Bodies program!

Diane Pendergast has lived in Amesbury for 26 years, but is originally from Topsfield. Her husband, Tom Pendergast, has also used Home Bodies services – in fact, they started out training together when they purchased a Jump-Start Your Fitness Intro Package. Diane has been a math teacher at Amesbury High School for 14 years. 

Diane pursued physical fitness long before she started with Gina and Home Bodies. She taught aerobics and exercise classes for 9 years, and has been involved in long distance walking and yoga. In January 2004 Diane started meeting once a week with a group of A.H.S. faculty who had formed a “Dr. Phil” weight-loss, healthy eating, and exercise support group. She met Gina in February 2004 when Gina came to A.H.S. to speak in front of the group, which was lead by Ralph Noon. Gina is a graduate of A.H.S., and she looks forward to continuing to work with the school to advise students and teachers alike on health and fitness issues. 

The teachers got on the "Home Bodies monthly" mailing list and Diane called Gina in April to schedule a consultation for her and her husband. Diane decided to try Home Bodies because she wanted to increase her bone mass and wanted a program she could use for lifelong strength. She also hoped to reduce her bodyfat percentage and lose some weight. Diane isn’t interested in going to the gym. She’d rather do a resistance-training program at home and get her cardio by walking outside or by using her treadmill at home. She likes the fact that Home Bodies tailors a program to fit her needs, and that it allows her to work out and meet with a trainer on her schedule.

Diane also practices yoga, and has noticed greater strength during yoga since starting the resistance-training program Gina designed for her. Diane follows a 2-4x/week full-body resistance-training program that she performs right in her living room. She started with just a set of dumbbells and a floor mat, but has since purchased a fitness ball, ankle weights, and a flat bench so she can perform a greater variety of exercises. Besides the increased strength, Diane has also noticed that her breath is stronger and her muscle tone has improved. She’s lost some weight, too: 10 pounds of bodyfat over 5 months’ time. 

Unfortunately Diane has an old lower back/pelvis injury that has flared up, so she is going to a chiropractor and a masseuse and sticking with stretching only for the time being. She hopes to be back to regular walking and weight-training soon, though. Diane’s primary goals are to continue to increase her bone mass without having to rely on drugs, and also to continue to develop strong, tight muscles. Our congratulations to Diane for being Home Bodies client of the month this past month! 

Diane's Best Tips for Optimizing Health and Well-being:

  1. Exercise is for life: Look for fun programs that entice you.
  2. Vary your exercise programs: walk, cycle, perform weight training, swim…and anything else that suits your fancy.
  3. Her ultimate tip is to live in moderation!

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