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The Thirty-Minute Secret to Fat Loss...Find Clothes That Fit
December 06, 2006

The Thirty-Minute Fat Loss Secret...
Find Clothes That Fit...
Find Your Dieting Type to Improve at Weight Loss

December 6, 2006

Gina here from Home Bodies! I have a few neat links for you today to help you continue to succeed in your fitness and weight loss endeavors in spite of this festive (and sometimes fattening!) season!

You will learn...

* The Thirty-Minute Fat Loss Secret

* The Answers to Your Struggles as a Dieter

* The Source for Finding Clothes That Fit and Flatter Your Body as a person who works out

There is one type of cardio that burns the most fat and calories in the least amount of time. Since "lack of time" is the number one reason people give for not working out, this makes interval training a very useful method for most people. Click here for The Most Effective Cardio: Secrets Personal Trainers Know.

If you have wondered why you struggle so much to stick to a diet, you are not alone. Diet help should be catered to an individual's particular struggles to follow a healthy diet. Are you "living in denial" or a an "i'll start tomorrow" dieter? Are you "just too busy" or a "restrictor" who tries to diet too fast, too hard and can never stick to it? Perhaps you are a combination of two or more of these "dieter profiles." Determine which type of dieter you are, and then provide suggestions for how to create a diet plan that works with your personality, not against it. Diet help is here!

Most people who work out reach a point when they find it hard to find clothes that flatter their fit body; that is, athletic fit clothing. You see, most clothes are cut for underweight models and then the proportions are scaled up for the range of sizes you find in stores. However, people who work out have different proportions than those skinny models.

If you fail to choose clothing that is appropriate for your body proportions, your clothes will not be as flattering. If you do not know which brand to shop for that will accentuate and work with your muscles, you will waste a lot of time and experience a lot of frustration trying on clothes. Worse, you may find yourself settling for clothes that are too big in some places and too tight in others. Click here for Clothing That Makes Your Fit Bod Look Great!

Holiday Personal Training Gift Certificates are available to all clients and newsletter subscribers at a 10% discount! Check out these packages, and if none suit your fancy, we can create a customized offering for your friend or family member. Click here to learn how our Holiday Weight Loss Plans Can Help You Lose Weight During the Holidays For Once!
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