Athletic Fit Clothing
Makes Your Fit Bod Look Great!

Most people who work out reach a point when they find it hard to find clothes that flatter their fit body; that is, athletic fit clothing. You see, most clothes are cut for underweight models and then the proportions are scaled up for the range of sizes you find in stores. However, people who work out have different proportions than those skinny models.

If you do not choose clothing that is appropriate for your body proportions, your clothes will not be as flattering. If you do not know which brand to shop for that will accentuate and work with your muscles, you will waste a lot of time and experience a lot of frustration trying on clothes. Worse, you may find yourself settling for clothes that are too big in some places and too tight in others.

I have found a neat tool to help you discover your body type depending on your body proportions. Keep in mind, this will be a different body type if you are exercising than it will typically be if you are inactive. The tool then refers you to specific clothing manufacturers. It also lets you select your budget range and your fashion and style preferences so that the absolute best brands for you are narrowed down.

Visit this link to take the test yourself. You will need to spend about 10-15 minutes measuring various parts of your body with a tape measure and answering the questions, but the results are very informative and helpful, and I found the test well worth my time to complete! Click here to find athletic fit clothing and other clothing suggestions for your tastes and body proportions.

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