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Insider tips on breaking thru a fitness or weight loss plateau
February 04, 2013

Insider Tips for Breaking Thru That Plateau

February 3, 2013

Gina here from Home Bodies!

Home Bodies recently launched it's '13 in 13' weight loss challenge. I thought I'd share with you some of the tips I sent along to contest participants to help break thru a fitness or weight loss plateau.

Also, there is a link to an article about Top Foods to Prevent Getting Sick. Very pertinent this time of year!!

Top Foods to Prevent Getting Sick

Insider tips for breaking through a fitness or weight loss plateau:

If you have been consistent over the past month, it's important to mix it up as you move forward, because your body is likely to want to plateau.

Here are some ideas for eating:

*Diet a little more strictly during the week, but have one 'cheat day' here and there. Try to make your cheat day higher in carbs that usual, but your other days lower in carbs than usual.

*Increase your fiber intake--fiber sweeps fat and calories out of the body and helps you feel full.

*Increase your water intake and reduce soda and other beverages, even if they are diet (they cause water retention and increased hunger)

*Reduce dairy and wheat foods (can cause inflammation and fluid retention and can stall weight loss)

*Eat more raw produce

Here are some ideas for workouts:

*Try a 'sprint at the end' of your cardio workout

*If you normally perform 2 sets of weight training, try 3

*Shorten the rest periods between sets of weight lifting, or add conditioning exercises between sets such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or jogging in place.

*Add some extra activity on top of your workouts, such as walks outside or around the mall, skiing or snowshoeing, or classes at a gym or studio

*Do an extra rep or two after the point when you'd normally stop cause it hurts!

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