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Are You Taking Enough Breaks From Exercise?
March 20, 2007

Why You NEED to Take Breaks from Exercise to Progress...
Why Prevention is More Powerful Than Any Treatment.

March 19, 2007

Gina here from Home Bodies! I have a couple of interesting health tidbits to share with you today.

Why Prevention is More Powerful Than Any Treatment

One of the Home Bodies trainers, Paul Schlosberg, shared this news articles with me about Preventive Health Care (taking care of your body BEFORE you get sick) as opposed to the Medical Model of 'treat yourself with surgery or taking a pill once you become sick.' Exercise and eating right are both extremely important components of preventive medicine, which is something that will save you time and money, and increase your lifespan, especially the QUALITY of those years. Click here to read more about Preventive Medicine and why it's always worth it, financially and otherwise, to take care of yourself.

Why You NEED to Take Breaks from Exercise to Progress

While most people feel guilty for not exercising enough, some people at some times actually exercise TOO HARD, TOO OFTEN to make the best progress.

I personally used to do hard workouts six days per week (actually, seven days per week at one point, before I knew better) and since I've switched to just four days per week of hard workouts, I am lighter, leaner, stronger, and feel better than ever before. Click here to learn how much rest YOU need for best results.

A fellow Home Bodies Client is Running the Boston Marathon!

One of Home Bodies' clients is running her first ever marathon. While such an athletic feat isn't for everyone, we all can appreciate the work that goes into this!

If you would like to show your support, please read this message from her:

Hi everyone!

I'm scheduled to run this year's Boston Marathon (April 16 2007) to raise money for Habitat for Humanity and am writing to see if you'd be willing to make a donation. Since it's a marathon, it's the standard 26.2 miles, so you needn't sponsor me by mile - unless you're counting on my not finishing! :)

Any amount would be appreciated, but absolutely no pressure whatsoever. I've included a link to the Habitat Marathon website below, in case you'd like to read more about the organization or the running team. If you do decide to contribute, donations can be made online through my webpage on the site below; by phone; by mail with checks made out to Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston; or by check left in my department box or handed to me in person. In any case, please remember to reference me so that your donation goes towards my fund! (on the online form, you'd enter my name under "Designation"). I'm committed to raising $5000, required to raise $3000...Habitat For Humanity Greater Boston

Thank you so much!

Habitat For Humanity Greater Boston

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