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Tip from the Trainer to Avoid Feeling Deprived
February 18, 2007

Easy and Enjoyable "Diet" Meals
Make Deprivation Ancient History!

February 18, 2007

Gina here from Home Bodies! I have a quick 10-minute exercise for you today that will help you create easy and enjoyable diet meals so that you never feel tempted to go off your diet again!

One of the toughest parts about sticking to a nutrition plan is the boredom factor. If you feel sick of the "diet" foods you are allowed to eat, your resolve to eat better won't last long. However, it is possible to eat foods you enjoy that are good for your physique at the same time. The important thing to realize, however, is that you cannot find the answer to how to make a diet interesting in a book or magazine. The information you need to know to create your own perfect nutrition plan is right in your head!

This tip is simple, but it's incredibly effective because it's individualized for you. However, it will take a bit of work on your part. Take out a blank piece of paper and set aside about 10 minutes to do this exercise. I did, and I was surprised at how simple it was to follow my diet!

1. List five high protein foods you enjoy eating.
2. List five fruits you enjoy eating.
3. List five vegetables you enjoy eating.
4. List five "fattening" foods you can give up forever without feeling deprived.
5. List five foods you want to give yourself as a treat occasionally.

Each day of the week, have three protein foods from your list, have two fruits from your list, and have three vegetables from you list. Each weekend day, reward yourself with one portion of one of your "treat" foods if you stuck to your plan during the week. Never have the foods on your "give up forever" list.

If you have trouble coming up with five foods from each category you enjoy, commit to trying one new food each week until you find your "magic 5."

If you find yourself getting bored with the rotation of five, expand your lists to 10 or 15 choices.

You will eat other things than just what is listed above, but if you fill up on the good stuff that you actually enjoy, you have a much greater chance of having good nutrition and keeping your overall calories in line.

Did you know that the average New Years' Resolution is abandoned after just 4 weeks? If you are looking for inspiration to stick to your fitness plan, check out these "Home Bodies" success stories. Recently updated!

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