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What is Your Diet Personality? And Killer Nutrition Resource
August 21, 2006

What is Your Diet Personality? And Free Nutrition Resource That Consolidates Grocery Store Foods and Restaurant Foods

Gina here from Home Bodies! I have two diet-related things to share with you today. One is a neat diet personality quiz, and the other is a free nutrition resource with an easy interface and a convenient way to look up both grocery store and restaurant foods.

What is Your Diet Personality?

If you are tired of blowing your diet, it is time to re-assess the way you diet. Maybe you just haven't found the right weight loss plan for your personality. Take this quiz to find the perfect diet for you--the one that fits your personality best. If you do, you will be able to lose those unwanted pounds for good! Click here to take the Diet Personality Quiz.

Great Nutrition Resource

I have been recommending a variety of websites for nutrition data, but I have found a new one that consolidates both grocery store foods, fast foods, and restaurant foods all in one easy-to-use interface! Click here to use the All-in-One Nutrition Tool.
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