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May 06, 2006

The Surprisingly Easy Way to Break Any Bad Habit

Gina here from Home Bodies!

Today I am going to explain how you can break any bad habit instantly.

The primary reason that bad habits are difficult to break is that there is delayed gratification involved--that is, the bad habit feels good at the moment, in the short-term, but

"Healthy" Foods That Aren't So Healthy Series

It's really a shame when you are trying your hardest to eat healthy but you are making mistakes you aren't even aware of when it comes to food choices. In this section I will post some top offenders that people regularly confuse for being more healthy than they are.

Offender #1. Salads (from take out, to restaurant, to fast food, to grocery store pre-made).

The belief: It's better than a sub or entree!

The reality: The average salad that comes with cheese, add-ons like crutons or bacon bits, and dressing contains over 700 calories. This is more calories than a big-mac! Add a roll or pita, and the calories go up even more.

The strategy: A salad is a great choice, but be sure to base your salad on vegetables and lean protein like chicken, turkey, or tuna salad (made with light mayo). Beans are a great add-on; fatty crutons and bacon are not. Ask for dressing on the side and go light on the cheese or not at all. This can bring your salad down to the 300-400 calorie level which is more appropriate for a healthy meal for most people.


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