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The Top 5 Nutrition Tips that Really Matter
September 18, 2017

September 6, 2017

These are the nutrition tips that Really matter.

Back-to-school time, whether you have young kids or not, it the perfect time for a personal re-set. Focus on these five tips for efficient results.

This often overlooked home workout tip can have a Huge impact.

Most people don't clean their home workout equipment nearly as much as they would at the gym, since they are the only ones using it. Click thru for the facts you need to know.

Have you taken a break? Need a program check-up?

Many people who used to work out with a trainer on a regular basis find that life got in the way and they took a break. If this happened to you, feel free to reach out to schedule a personal training 'check-up.' Your trainer will go over your current status and help you decide how to get back into working out again. Just one check-up visit can make a huge difference in your results moving forward! The check-ups are available for a limited time at the same price as the monthly commitment prices when scheduled during September.

Gina Paulhus

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