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Take 'Halftime' to make weight loss effortless
April 05, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

April 3, 2017

Ankle Strengtheners and Caffeine Junkies
Did you know ankle injuries are the most common orthopedic injury? When our ankles are not healthy it affects our entire body. Learn how to help prevent or heal injured ankles with simple but important exercises. Also find out just how guilty you should be (or not be) about your caffeine habit.
Ankle Strengtheners and Caffeine Junkies

How taking a halftime can help you reach your goals.
Springtime is a time when many people want to go on a diet in anticipation of the summer coming up. However, maybe you don't need to change what you eat. Maybe you need to give yourself halftime at every meal. Learn more:
Take Halftime

Happy Spring!! Saying this after a lovely snowstorm on April 1 around here!!

Gina Paulhus

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