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Would you rather...? Announcing the 2005 Body Challenge!
March 17, 2005

Would you rather...

be a weekend getaway Spa vacation for two this summer...

OR be in the best shape of your life?

The good news is that you don't have to choose: you can have BOTH!

If you can commit 12 weeks (April 11 thru July 4) to focusing on a workout program that's guaranteed to work from a top personal trainer in the area, you very well could be in the BEST shape of your life by July 4, AND enjoy it while indulging yourself on a weekend getaway spa vacation.

Gina Paolino and Home Bodies in-home fitness training ANNOUNCES the grand opening of her annual "Shape up by the Summer" Body Challenge!

All participants receive a personalized exercise and/or diet routine designed by Gina Paolino, C.P.T. to lead them to their goals by July 4, 2005. The GRAND PRIZE is a three-day Spa Vacation for two, and there are EIGHT fablous first place prizes as well. You're in good hands with Gina Paolino designing your exercise program: just read what these raving fans have to say about Gina's services: they're not just satisfied...they're THRILLED!

Registration for this contest is FREE if you meet certain criteria. Please visit this webpage to learn more about the contest: 2005 Body Challenge has four categories to compete in...eight first place prizes...and one GRAND prize!

Stay tuned for my next e-mail, where I will explain how you can earn cash or credit toward personal training by spending about ten minutes to help a friend with their exercise motivation, and to help me promote this contest!

That's all for now, folks! Thank you for your continued support!

Please check out the contest before you go, right now--so you won't miss the Early Bird money-saving special: Contest

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