YouTube Home Workout

Whether you're looking for a YouTube home workout due to the pandemic - or your lifestyle just doesn't allow time to make it to the gym regularly,  this full body home workout will be a new favorite! 

youtube home workoutOur YouTube home workout will hit every muscle in your body in 20 minutes or less.

While going to the gym can be a great stress relief, the extra time it takes to commute there as well as dealing with childcare can derail even the most dedicated of people! Even if you make it to the gym or yoga studio sometimes, it's crucial for your workout consistency that you have a YouTube home workout that you can use, too!

In addition, these workouts are designed by a trainer and will therefore be safe and effective. They use little to no equipment, and even recommend everyday household items you can use in a pinch. You can follow right along, and once you have the workout memorized you won't even need the videos!


It's best to start every workout with a few core moves. Core exercises help warm the body up and help prevent injury for the weight training to come. You can see how to perform the moves in each video. You may do as many repetitions as you can with good form before moving onto the next exercise.


After getting a bit warm from core, I love adding in some mobility work. This one is amazing for opening up the chest and loosening tight backs. You want to avoid holding stretches for long periods of time such as longer than a minute during your warmup or workout, as holding stretches for longer periods of time weakens muscles temporarily.1 

Would you like an even more personalized workout? Check out our Personal Training services! We offer in person as well as video calls.

Next we will jump into the meat of the workout below!


Not only does working our legs help them be strong and firm, but it also really boosts our metabolism! Building muscle helps us burn approximmately 15% more calories per day, and the legs are one of the easiest places for us to build muscle!2


No workout is complete without working arms! You can try the move below from your knees if this version is too hard.

If you don't have weights, find something around the house such as a jug of laundry detergent to use for the next one!

We also have a great full-length YouTube Home Workout designed to improve your Buns and Guns! Check it out.

youtube home workoutsSometimes it's fun to focus on a couple of body parts for the entire workout and see how that serves you!

Oftentimes I get folks who want to focus their strength training on their glutes as well as their arms! After all, those are two places that people really notice! Try this workout here.

That's a Wrap.

I hope our full body home workout list or the Buns and Guns home workout were a help to you! If you'd like me to construct a personalized routine for you, check out my Personal Training Services!

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2 W W Campbell 1, M C Crim, V R Young, W J Evans. Increased energy requirements and changes in body composition with resistance training in older adults. DOI: 10.1093/ajcn/60.2.167

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