Health and Fitness Assessment for Women: Custom Routine

It is true that men and women need to exercise in a similar manner to tone the body and lose fat, but there are some subtle differences that can mean the difference between having a program that works great and one that's sub-par.

Gina Paulhus will design your female-specific women's custom routine. Work woman-to-woman with a trainer who is familiar with the issues females face with diet and exercise.

Gina would love to design your female-specific women custom routine right now, but first she needs a bit of background information. She needs to know more about your exercise and diet history and your own personal goals so that she can give you the absolute best advice catered to your unique situation.

You can choose how Gina contacts you to obtain that information with the form below. Remember, all of Home Bodies' exercise and diet programs are fully guaranteed that you'll see significant, noticeable results from following the program or your money back!

Get a female-specific custom exercise/diet program

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