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2018 Winter Adult Gymnastics Camp:  Review

Taking a break from event rotations to gather as a group.

We had SO much fun at winter camp! 40 athletes came together in Portsmouth NH from across the U.S. and Canada for the experience of a lifetime. Whether a gymnast's main goal was to learn new skills, improve old ones, have tons of fun, re-connect with old friends or meet new like-minded people -- all of that and more was accomplished! This was our 6th camp in a row, and while we had many repeat campers, there were also some newcomers who were experiencing camp for the first time.

Active flex helped get us going!

Camp featured training on the four women's artistic events, plus trampoline and tumbltrak. We warmed up as a group a little bit differently each day before splitting up into our training groups for events. There were opportunities for gymnastics-related and team-building games sprinkled in throughout the training sessions. The 'college stick' contest sparked the most laughs, and the 'how many forward rolls' contest provoked the most dizziness! Our Athletic Trainer Meghan Hunt was on hand to provide treatments for chronic injuries and to make sure everyone stayed in tip-top shape throughout any minor dings that took place.

Video of the Fun!

Winter 2018 Adult Gymnastics Camp! from Gina Paolino Paulhus on Vimeo.

Camp started Sat. Jan. 27 and ran through Mon. Jan. 29. Each day offered at least four hours of gymnastics training plus the opportunity for a couple of meals with camp folks out in beautiful downtown Portsmouth. Tony Retrosi, worldwide clinician and owner of Atlantic Gymnastics, spoke about the culture and concerns within USA Gymnastics right now. Gina Paulhus, camp director and Owner of Home Bodies in-home fitness training, conducted a clinic on conditioning and flexibility for success on the 4 women's gymnastics events. While every session is optional, most chose to partake in everything camp had to offer! The hot tub back at the hotel was a fan-favorite, as was the shuttle bus that brought campers back and forth to the gym.

Testimonial from a
first-time camper:

"Okay, so tonight is my last night at Portsmouth and I can't help it but feel a bit nostalgic (yes, call me dramatic) but I just had such an amazing experience; I had never been to a camp that was specifically designed for adult gymnastics! I remember before I came I told my friends in Chicago that I would "focus" on doing back handsprings and back tucks.... well I didn't do a single one of them but I don't regret it because in exchange of them I got to do things I would have never imagined to do before.

Being in this camp helped me A LOT, besides the physical help, it did help me to realize that it's okay to confront your fears and that the outcome of that is greater than staying in your comfort zone, I honestly can't put into words how much that means to me.

I also got to meet a lot of super nice people who share the love for the same sport; the encouragement, the laughs, seeing people improving and working on overcoming their fears like me, agh, it's just a wonderful experience, one of the most beautiful ones that I've had in my life so far.

Thank you so much to all of my teammates and thank you so much to Gina for giving adults the chance to do what they love and to be kids again for a couple of days. I look forward to see you all in the next camp!!! I wish I could tag you all but Facebook is not letting me hahah, I don't know why.

But anyway, thank you again to everybody who made this experience a beautiful one, I send sweaty hugs to all of you haha, see you in the next camp ;)"

Sinhue Herrea

College stick contest lightened the mood in between structured rotations and free time to work personal goals.

Gina's Notes: 
Physical Preparation Clinic

Hands-on clinic makes learning more permanent.
The clinic was a hands-on demonstration of basics on all four events and included many creative drills that can be done by a beginner without a spotter. Click here for the notes.

Camp Awards!

Coach Eileen says, "I've got your back!"

Allie Hignett -- Beam Princess

Angie Melton -- The Twister

Ashlee Bourque -- Clearest Goals

Ashley Griswold -- Most Inquisitive

Caitlin Smythe -- Most Improved Cast

Chelsea Rossetti -- Superwoman

Dana Plourde -- Back Tuck Beast

Deleen Long -- Leap Queen

Denise Hanley -- Most Supportive Mom

Dominec Casselli -- Mattress Firm

Elissa Starosto -- Natural Ballerina

Ellen McGauley -- Thing 2

Elsie Oldaker -- Best Preflight

Elyse Levesque -- Toe On Queen

heather Watts -- Most Precise Front Handspring

Jill Lacedonia -- Out of My Comfort Zone

Jules Estes -- Still Got It  

Justine Du -- Turn Perfection

Kaitlin Rowe -- High and Happy (thanks, Liz!)

Karen Heilman -- Steady Eddie

Kelly Elias -- First Rip

Kelsey Young -- Coolest Bars Dismount

Khanhnhat Nguyen -- Most Eager to Learn

Kristin Sherman -- Thing 1

Laura McElrath -- Best Front Walkover

Linda Torres -- New and Improved

Lindsay Martin -- Last Second Lindsay

Mary Hollingsworth -- Best Back Walkover in the History of Time

Meghan Hunt -- Best Form

Melissa Vacon -- Best Vault Run

Melody Gammon -- Most Body Control

Nicole LaChapelle Furness -- Power Packed

Nicole Leiner -- Best Muscle Memory

Rebecca Hanley -- New Heights Cast

Rachael Bennett -- Straightest Handstand Flat Back

Sarah Bryne-Martelli -- Tickiest Tic Toc

Sinhue Herrera -- Elegant Aeriel

Tiffany Chen -- Most Improved Cartwheel on Beam

Tina DiMeglio -- The Heartmelter

Tracy Garner -- Hardest Worker

Thanks to each and every one who made the trip to Atlantic Gymnastics to participate in the fun and learning. You are what make camp special!

Linda liked camp so much the first time, she came back for more!

future camps

See info. on future camps here.

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