"Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?"

by Kathryn Payne, Home Bodies trainer to greater Worcester, MA

Quite a question, right? We’ve all been asked this question at one time or another and it was probably not asked under the best of circumstances!

How we view ourselves is key to our success. A more positive spin on this tired old question could possibly be, "Who do you believe you are, truly?"

I have the credentials to pose this question to you, the reader, because I have been forced to ask myself this challenging question when facing difficult circumstances and life changes. The question, "Who do I believe I am," is not a new one. It is in keeping with a holistic lifestyle, or moving toward wholeness, which thankfully has now become a popular trend in the field of health and medicine. This way of life and this probing question is as old as the Bible and as current as the New Age movement. It involves the practice of visualization.

This practice can be incorporated into any area of our lives that require change. Right now, for many of you, you are facing the ramifications of making a decision to become physically fit and lose some extra pounds! How is it going? Some of you are having great success--Congratulations! Some of you, however, need a new strategy. Visualization may be a helpful practice for you, as it has been for me.

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