What Are You Already
Giving Up?

People tend to look at willpower as something that you either have or you don't.

I don't buy it.

We are all human and naturally we all want to do things that feel good and we don't want to do things that feel bad.

I believe it comes down to how we identify what we do and don't want, and whether we believe that we can in fact get what we really want or if it feels (notice I said 'feels' and not 'is') hopeless.

Many people hire me to get in shape. It is understood that this generally includes both movement (exercise) and nutritional changes. After asking a bunch of questions to help me better understand the situation, I present them with a plan. Most people look at the plan and say, (whether right away, or after some time has gone by) BUT I don't want to give up...

my beer.

my ice cream.

my TV shows.


Ok...hold on a minute. That's totally understandable. Giving up something that's good sucks. It just does.

But, here's the kicker:  


If you are not feeling good about yourself, you are giving up confidence.

If you do not have energy, you are giving up experiences.

If you see a list of specialists because you're not taking care of yourself, you're giving up time and money.

If you do not feel sexy, you are giving up... (insert inside thought).

So, at all times in your life, you either give up (or cut back on) one thing to get another. No one has it all, not matter how it looks from the outside.

I believe that if we figure out what we want most, we can suddenly find motivation that we couldn't before. Sometimes it's hard to tease it out. But it's worth it. 

If you want a copy of my short worksheet to help you find that motivation, comment or message and I'll send it to you. 

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