Weight Training to Help Knees: A Guide from a Certified Personal Trainer

If you'd like a weight training plan to help knees, dig into this article

Today a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist will share a plan with you on weight training to help knees. If you suffer from knee pain but do not have an actual knee injury (check with your doctor!) these mobility and strengthening exercises will help. By strengthening the hips and stretching out tight areas, most of the pressure of typical activities will be taken out of the knees. The routine takes about 15 minutes and should be performed three times per week for best results.

This plan can also be used if you have been discharged from physical therapy but want to transition to weight training to help knees. Be sure you continue any physical therapy exercises you were instructed to keep up with, and run the routine by your physical therapist first.

Spend about 30 seconds rolling out the IT band to start:

This exercise helps relax the leg muscles which tends to reduce pain.

Next, perform 15 "twist and dips" to each side.

This exercise helps to relax the lower back muscles to allow the pelvis to move more freely - again tending to help with pain.

Then, perform 20 Modified Bird Dogs on each side.

This a great core exercise that targets glutes and abs. Be sure your torso and hips don't shift around when you perform it!

Perform the side plank for 30 seconds on each side, making sure to have good straight alignment of hips and head with the torso.

This helps strength the sides of the body which creates more stability for our knee joints.

Perform 10 Hamstring Push-ups, trying to keep straight thru the hips. The harder you push with your arms, the easier the exercise will be.

This exercise works the back of the thigh - a critical area for stabilization and support of the knee joint.

Perform 15 deadlifts to each side, using a weight you can easily control.

This exercise helps with glute and hamstring strength as well as balance - all things that reduce stress on the knees.

Hold your reverse plank for 10 seconds with both legs, followed by 10 seconds using only one leg and 10 seconds using the other leg.

This exercise helps the back of the body learn to work together and stabilize. By developing the back of the body more thoroughly, it helps take pressure off the quadriceps which tend to tug on the knees, causing pain.

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weight training to help knees program

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