Obtain a workout card you can download and print out for your workouts! Serves as a weight lifting chart, cardio log, and list of stretches

It's been proven that those who keep track of their workouts (via a weight lifting chart and/or a cardio log) are more consistent with their exercise and achieve better results. They progress faster and enjoy exercising more. They also enjoy a sense of accomplishment every time they mark off a completed set.

Maintaining a weight lifting chart and cardio log will help you spot what is working for you and what isn't. Tracking also makes it easier for you to remember what you did in the past workouts so that you don't make costly errors, both time-wise and results-wise. Tracking is also immensely helpful if you have a trainer or another person give you advice on your workouts. By keeping careful records, your advisor will be able to provide you with better advice for your particular situation.

Join the ranks of those who keep track of their workouts by downloading and printing your own free workout cards that may be used for a weight lifting chart, a cardio log, a list of stretches, and diet notes. Simply fill out the form below to request a free workout card.

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These workout cards are blank because everyone should be doing a different workout based on their fitness level and goals. If you would like to learn a basic workout that can be done at the gym or at home, go here: exercises you can list on your weight lifting chart

ATTENTION WOMEN! If you would like a custom routine designed for you online, go here: women's custom routine.

If you would like more information about in-home training lessons and services, please visit this page:
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