Track It! With Home Bodies

Track It! is proven to help promote success with following your exercise and nutrition plan.

track it home bodiesWhen you use Track it! with Home Bodies, you'll never again have to wonder how you are REALLY doing with your health and fitness.

We created Track It! because we know that one of the best ways to ensure success is to track your progress numerically.

For example, in school did you try harder on homework that is graded, or homework that was not? If you are like most people you try harder when you know you are getting a grade. It is just human nature to perform better when your results are tracked numerically. 

Home Bodies is bringing back a popular official tracking program we have used with clients in the past.

Your trainer will explain to you what is expected of you for your training and your diet to achieve the results you want, and if you choose to participate in this program, you will be “scored” by your trainer every week based on what you did. You will need to keep accurate logs of your workouts and diet to receive credit. Your trainer will review your logs every week and assign your points. 

How Track It! Works

Each person will be judged on how closely he or she follows the plan for their stated goals. More exercise does not equal better—you are being judged on completing your particular assignment from your trainer. Beginners will have less work to do and advanced clients will have more. It is set up somewhat like grade level in school—first graders have easier homework than eighth graders, but each grade level has the amount of work that is appropriate for him or her—challenging, but within the person’s capability. 

Every newsletter I will tally up everyone’s points for the month. Each week there are 200 possible points. The top scorer who has never been client of the month will be client of the month. I will send e-mail updates on points to everyone participating once a week. 

How to Join

Simply talk to your Home Bodies Personal Trainer, or click here to contact us. Type the message: Interested in Track It! in the subject and we will be in touch with you.

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