How to Get Slimming,
Lean, Toned Legs

Client Question: I want to tone my legs, but I do not want them to get bigger. Should I still be performing weight training for my lower body?

Gina’s Answer: Yes, you still need to perform weight-training for your legs, and if your legs get bigger it will only be temporary, and for the greater good. Here’s why:

A few things happen when you start a weight-training program. One is that, especially in the beginning, your leg muscles will increase in size somewhat. This is a desired effect, even if you really don’t want your legs to get bigger in the long run, because your ability to continue gaining significant size in your leg muscles won’t last long. A bigger muscle creates more muscle tone and boosts the metabolism, which is why it’s important to take advantage of an increase in muscle size when it comes easily. As you continue to weight-train, you will reach a point when your leg muscles stop getting bigger (unless, of course, you are purposefully consuming extra calories in order to create much bigger muscles) and your rate of fat loss start to increase. This happens as your fitness level improves and you are capable of working out harder than before. Once the fat loss starts to kick, you will notice that your legs will get smaller than ever, and that your lean, toned muscles will be exposed!

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