Tips to Stop Lying to Yourself

By Gina Paulhus, Owner Home Bodies

Maintaining a healthy weight and a consistent exercise routine ultimately is about being accountable to yourself. Your body is the one thing in life that, in the end, you and only you are responsible for. Even if you have a trainer, your trainer cannot force you to meet with him or her and exercise. It is always your choice.

How many times in a week do you lie to yourself? An example is when you normally work out before work, and say to yourself, “Oh I will just do it after work.” But how many times does that happen? For most of us, these little promises to ourselves never pan out. At the time, however, they relieve the guilt we feel when we skip a workout.

If you have a child, you know that he or she doesn’t always want to eat his or her vegetables before digging into desert. But as the parent, you know that you have to enforce these rules. You need to be the parent and prevent the child from hurting his or herself from not getting the proper nutrition. However, when it comes to making decisions for ourselves as adults, it is easy to forget to treat yourself with the same care and respect for the greater good. Sometimes a little ‘tough love’ is in order.

At Home Bodies we offer fitness expertise first and foremost, and anyone that purchases programs from us benefits from that. Usually programs are updated once a month or so. However, we also offer extra motivation and support to those who need it by seeing you on a more regular basis.

It’s natural to want some help when you are getting started with creating a healthier lifestyle. This is where having a trainer come every week, or even more than once a week, can be really helpful. It’s almost like having a parent watching over you to help you make the right choices.

by Gina Paulhus, Owner Home Bodies

What a lot of people call ‘discipline’ is really all about being your own parent. Having ‘discipline’ is not really noble; it’s more just a sign of maturity in that particular area of life. It’s OK if you are not there yet—that is what we are here for!

Our ultimate goal is to help you learn to ‘be your own parent’ with your health and fitness, and find your own motivation. We love when you continue to use our services as long as possible, but we also admire when our clients are able to go off on their own and prosper. That is when we feel especially proud that we have done our job.

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