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The Home Bodies Fitness Show!

Home Bodies recently launched it's own half-hour television program! Lucky for you, the episodes are available right here. Each episode covers a full home workout with a particular focus, followed by nutrition and lifestyle tips. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Beginner Core

Featuring Bryan Paulhus performing a core-centered intermediate home workout. Covers dealing with a sweet tooth while keeping protein intake up.

Episode 2: Postpartum Workout.

Featuring Nicole LaChapelle performing a postpartum and/or beginner home workout. Covers dealing with getting rid of those stubborn 5-10 lbs.

Episode 3: Advanced Bodyweight

Featuring Peter Accolla performing an advanced bodyweight home workout. Covers whether detox diets are helpful or harmful.

Episode 4: Trouble Spots

Featuring Heidi Nicholson performing a workout designed to target those trouble spots we all suffer from. Covers how to consume enough protein for a lean, healthy physique.

Episode 5: Butts and Guts!

Featuring Courtney Thompson demonstrating a workout designed to target butts and guts! Learn if walking for fitness is truly enough.

Episoide 6: Back Pain Workout

Featuring Nicole Veilleux-Daniels demonstrates a workout to work around and even improve back pain. Also learn how to fit exercise into even the most grueling of schedules.

Episode 7: Chair Workout

Featuring my grandmother, Mabel Paolino, performing a chair workout. We discuss whether low carbohydrate diets are the only way to lose weight.

Episode 8: Knee Strengthening Workout for Runners

Dennis Spurling performs a knee strengthening workout designed to combat knee pain and also improve running performance. Also learn how to avoid caving in when the sweet tooth comes knocking.

Episode 9: Couples Workout

Featuring Jamie and Chuck Freedman, a married couple who work out together. Learn how to work the same body part with different exercises and pick your favorite. Barbell and bosu training is utilized.

Episode 10: Buns and Guns

Bryan Paulhus returns. Beef up your buns and guns. Also learn how to manage blood sugar via diet and exercise.

Episode 11: Hip Strengthening Workout

Kathy Allen is featured showing us how she strengthens her hips following a hip replacement surgery. Also learn insider tips on how to wine and dine without packing on the pounds.

Episode 12: Fun with Kettlebells

Full body workout featuring Kettlebells with Rebecca Yazel. Also learn how to please a sometimes picky family while cooking for yourself and everyone else.

Episode 13: Leaning out and toning up

Jonas Joseph, a recent college graduate, shows us how to work out to get lean and toned. We also discuss how to go out for a drink without breaking the calorie bank.

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