The Drinking Game...

Get your mind out of the gutter! We're here to talk about water intake :)

It can be a real challenge to take in enough fluid to be completely healthy, especially if you are active. If you are not getting 64 oz. of water each day, that is a good place to start. However, the truth is that if you exercise you probably need even more. Even though most people have the vague goal of drinking enough fluids, it's much easier said than done.

That being said, there are ways to do it. Here are a few that have been successful for myself and some of my clients:

#1 The large bottle method

In this method, you might take a 32 oz. water bottle and fill it up. You'd only need to down two of these each day to meet your 64 oz. Once you've hit your 64 oz. feel free to take extra liquids in whatever form (still conscious of sugar of course, such as seltzer water, tea, or coffee).

#2 The 4 x 16 oz. method

If it's hard for you to carry around a big bottle, simply fill up a 16 oz. bottle 4 times each day and you're good. Again, feel free to consume additional liquids in other forms as long as you get your 4 bottles in each day.

Beware of the practice of simply keeping water within reach at all times. Even though it might seem like you'll get a lot of water in, most people just let it sit there or take tiny sips every once in awhile and they never actually finish it. I find it much more effective to chug and go, so I don't leave it up to chance that I'll get the water in. Otherwise you just end up with half-filled cups and bottles all around the house, which I learned the hard way my cat likes to knock over! Chugging also allows you to strategically plan water intake for times when you have a bathroom handy!

It's best to try to taper down water after 6pm to prevent midnight urges!

If plain water truly turns you off, try a squeeze of lemon or lime, or drop a flavored tea bag such as orange spice or raspberry into the water. If you get chilled easily, there is nothing wrong with drinking room temperature or warm water. In addition, if you truly detest water but will such on ice chips, that is better than nothing! And if you aren't feeling well, low-sodium broth is a decent substitute for water.

Happy sipping!

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