The Countdown Bike Workout

Check out our 100 to 10 countdown bike workout!

This workout is best performed on a bike or elliptical, but it can be done on a stairstepper, on stadiums, or running/jogging/walking.

woman performing countdown bike workout

This interval workout will get your heart pumping, your lungs working and your fat burning. Your motivation will stay kindled as each interval gets a little shorter than the last. However, because you will be developing fatigue, each interval will still be highly effective to burn fat. Bonus: you don't have to stare at your phone counting down the seconds. You can just count the pumps in your head. Furthermore, since you have to do a certain number of pumps, not a certain length of time, it will motivate you to do them super-fast, which is the goal! 

Let's Cover Some Definitions.

The warmup should be nice and easy. Exertion scale: 4 out of 10.

The sprints should be at a 10 out of 10. Each leg counts as "1." So, if you pump your left leg, then your right leg, that counts as "2" pumps.

The Workout.

min. 0-5 warm-up

at minute 5, do a 100 pump sprint

at minute 7, do a 90 pump sprint

at minute 9, do an 80 pump sprint

at minute 11, do a 70 pump sprint

at minute 13, do a 60 pump sprint

at minute 15, do a 50 pump sprint

at minute 17, do a 40 pump sprint

at minute 19, do a 30 pump sprint

at minute 21, do a 20 pump sprint

at minute 23, do a 10 pump sprint

cooldown until minute 30.

Then, towel off :)

I hope you enjoy the Countdown Bike Workout! Want more?

If you'd like a trainer's help in setting up additional cardio workouts for you, go here for a Price Quote.

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