THAT Guy or Girl Could be You!

Want a six pack?

Want to break a personal best in a 5k?

Want to touch your toes?

You can do it.

There are proven steps to take to accomplish all of these things. The staff at Home Bodies knows a variety of ways to help you to each and every one of these goals. All you have to do is begin executing and make the decision to forge ahead with blinders on--no turning back.

I feel that the average person sells themselves short when it comes to health and fitness results. You see pictures of tremendously in-shape people and think, ‘they are different, I cannot be like that.’ While you may not have the ideal genetics or a ton of free time, you can very well look very close to that--I don’t care who you are. You just need to be willing to do the work and make the sacrifices, which really aren’t sacrifices at all when you realize THINGS YOU GAIN when you GIVE THINGS UP.

There is nothing magical, mysterious, or elusive about the process. To be like someone you admire, copy their behavior. Eat right, work out harder than you think you can, and flex your willpower muscle when you are tempted to go astray.

I challenge you to give it your all for just one month.

What’s one month out of your entire life? I guarantee you when you feel the effects of taking control of your life, you will be addicted to the feeling and you won’t want to go back. Once you start seeing results, real results, the process reinforces itself. Because at a certain point going backwards is so painful that you just are not going to be willing to do it. At that point, willpower is taken out of the equation because the decision to do the right thing becomes a no-brainer.

Think back to one year ago. Really try to remember what was going on in your life. Imagine if you had focused 100% on your health and fitness at that time. Would it have killed you? Did you really enjoy eating what you ate that much? Could you have worked out harder and would it matter now? All that would matter is you would be living in a different physical body. You wouldn’t remember the particular sacrifices or the hard workouts. None of that matters in the long run. If you commit to just do it, you will never regret it. You don’t ever regret skipping the cake or slacking on the workout. You only regret not giving it your all.

Picture someone you think looks ‘perfect.’ It could be you. No kidding. You can achieve that--there is no reason you can’t. So start pouring your heart and soul into what you do--starting today.

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