Balance Sweet and
Salty/Bitter for Diet Control

Many food cravings are simply natural reactions to a diet that is not balanced in sweet and salty/bitter tastes. Your body craves both sweet and salt because sweets are ‘expanding’ in nature and salts are ‘contracting’ in nature. If your body is too expansive or too contracting, your cells do not remain properly hydrated and your body will be out of balance. This causes poor health and food cravings. If you have ever felt the urge to wash down a bowl of popcorn with a soda or to finish off a meal with a sweet desert, you understand that the body likes to have sweet and salt together.

However, this does not mean that you should indulge in a desert after every meal. It is fairly easy to achieve the balance between sweet and bitter so that your body feels satisfied with healthy foods.

When you eat many bitter foods and fail to balance it off with a sweet taste in the same meal, you will trigger cravings for a sweet taste. However, there is an easy solution to this. If you simply include a small amount of sweet taste during the meal it will not take much sweet to satisfy your appetite—but, if you ignore the urge for a sweet taste, it may grow out of control and lead you to overindulge. Because many “diet” foods are bitter in nature (being low in sugar) it is especially important for people on weight-loss programs to seek out sweet inclusions in the diet.

The same problem exists with a diet too heavily weighed in sweets. This will trigger a craving for salty foods if you do not include salty component in each meal. Of course, there are healthy and unhealthy choices for both sweet and bitter tastes. If you can plan out ahead of time ways to include both tastes each time you eat, you will have better success adhering to your diet plan. If you wait for cravings to take over, your body will most likely tell you to go for the junk! This is because your cravings will be so strong that your body will want to satisfy it as quickly as possible, and that means by junk food, as junk food is absorbed into the system more quickly.

By balancing sweet and bitter taste in each meal and snack, you should find that it is easier to stop eating when you are no longer hungry, which will lead to natural, effortless weight regulation and satisfaction with your diet.

Here are some examples of meals and snacks that contain both sweet and salty/bitter tastes: --Apple (sweet) with peanut butter (salty). --Salad with greens (bitter), mandarin orange (sweet), and ranch dressing (bitter). --Grilled steak tips (salty) with red and green grilled bell pepper (sweet). --Yogurt (bitter) with fruit (sweet). --Carrot sticks (sweet) with buttermilk dip (bitter). --Turkey sandwich (salty) with grapes (sweet).

To add salt/bitter taste to any meal, simply add sea salt. To add sweet taste to any meal, sip lemon water or tea with stevia (a calorie-free herbal sweetener).

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