Success Tips: A trainer's observations

I've picked up many success tips over the years working in this industry. As a personal fitness trainer, I've learned just as much from my clients as my clients have learned from me. I've been able to notice common trends in those who succeed in reaching their goals and those who give up before that point.

Here are some success tips I've picked up from my studies of psychology as well as observing my clients:

1. Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable. If they aren’t, you won’t feel motivated or optimistic about your goal.

2. Set up short-term goals every week. If you stay focused on doing your job with your program week to week, the weeks all add up to a big success, and you never lost focus and “lost time.”

3. Report to someone each week. It doesn’t have to be a trainer, but make sure you are accountable to keep your commitment. It’s too easy to be in denial by continuing to put it off week after week.

4. Keep a log. A log of your diet and/or exercise can help you pinpoint trouble areas or learn to continue what’s working well for you. It also tends to promote better adherence to the plan. Keeping a log means you’ll reduce mindless eating and procrastination with workouts.

Top 3 tips to eat healthier: Success Tips
From Doug Alexander, March 2005 Client of the Month.

1. Use Gina’s method of portion control, especially in the beginning.

2. Don’t completely deprive yourself. You won’t stay eating healthy if you do.

3. If you have a bad day or bad meal, just put it behind you and start again the very next day or meal.

Top 2 reasons to use a personal trainer: Success Tips
From Doug Alexander

1. Learn how to do things correctly from Gina. There is so much advice out there that does not work. Do it correctly by getting Gina’s advice.

2. A trainer is a great way to hold yourself accountable. We use an expert for legal matters, financial matters; why not get one for your health as well?

Success Tip: entering a contest is a great way to increase your motivation level and bust through a fitness or weight loss plateau!

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