While Stretching is Crucial for Injury Prevention and Results

You always hear how important it is to stretch--but why? Well, there are a number of reasons.

1. Stretching helps prevent injuries. When the muscles are restricted thru the range of motion they were designed for,injury can result. Ever how the saying, 'use it or lose it?' Most people have certain muscle groups that are chronically tight due to their posture while they work or relax. If you play a sport regularly, your body can also develop inbalances. By stretching regularly, you can help all muscle groups return to the range of motion they were designed for.

2. Stretching increases strength and endurance. By the same token, stretching increases strength and endurance. When muscles are able to move in the range of motion that nature intended, the body move more effeciently. If you never took your car for a tune-up, how do you think your gas mileage would be? Not good. Your body works the same way.

3. Stretching reduces aches and pains. Chronically tight muscles affect ligaments and joints and press on nerves, causing pain. Avoid this by stretching regularly.

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