Stretching for Runners

Learn the Very Best Stretching for Runners

The importance of stretching for runners cannot be overemphasized! Here I have 9 targeted running-specific stretches. These stretches are great to use after a run or on rest days (always make sure your warm your muscles with some light activity before stretching!)

Hold each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. If you have a tighter side, consider performing a second round of stretching for that side to help even out your sides. By stretching on a regular basis, you can improve your running time and help prevent injury. Enjoy!

Arch Back Over Ball Stretch

man performs stretches for runners

Arch back over the ball helps runners because it ensures our that our spine becomes decompressed after all the pounding. When we don't do anything to release the spine, back pain quite often results.

Calf Stretch

stretching for runners performed by a man

A good calf stretch ensures the health of the hips, knees, ankles and feet. This one against the wall is my favorite.

Quad Stretch

man performing quad stretch

Quads get tight during running, so this stretch really helps. It also will stretch your shoulder if you are tight there.

Hamstring Stretch

man performing hamstring stretch

Hamstrings also tend to get tight and crampy after running. By stretching while on the floor, you can be sure you're able to stay relaxed to get the best results from your session.

Adductor Stretch

man performs adductor stretch

The adductor refers to the inner thigh. That guy gets pretty stiff during runs. This stretch works on that area.

IT Band Stretch

man performs it band stretch

This stretch helps prevent sore knees and hips. It feels soooo good after a run!

Hip Flexor Stretch

man performs hip flexor stretch

This stretch is wonderful for keeping the back healthy. Tight hip flexors really pull on the back. This is my favorite way to address the hip flexors.

Piriformis Stretch

man performs piriformis stretch

This hip muscles locks down when we run a lot. This stretch helps open the area.

Thoracic Opener Stretch

man performs thoracic opener stretch using chair

The more mobile the thoracic area, the faster you can run due to increased efficiency of the upper body. It also keeps your back healthy and mobile.

How much and how often to do your stretching for runners

You can run through the whole list of stretches either once or twice. If you wish to maintain your flexibility you can try the list 1-2 times per week. If you wish to improve your flexibility, perform the list 3-6 times per week.

Need more stretching for runners ideas?

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