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Excuses are Understandable—  But Results Don’t Care

As human beings who are inherently flawed; we love to explain why things aren’t going well or aren't being done.

An excuse explains why—which seems to help our pride and our search for respect and understanding from others.

As a trainer, I hear excuse after excuse as to why people had to cancel their session, why they didn’t do their workouts, or why they didn’t lose weight. I have zero problem with hearing these excuses and even sympathizing with the plight of the person who experienced them. I realize that most people have the best of intentions and are genuinely trying pretty hard.

As much as I wish it could be different—

the problem is, results don’t care.

Think about an athlete who has the Olympics coming up. This athlete has trained his or her whole life for this event. Decades, in some cases.

The Olympics are happening at the same time and place, whether or not the athlete gets sick that week.

Whether or not the athlete’s flight got canceled.

Whether or not the athlete’s dog died that day.

Whether or not the athlete gets hurt.

It’s a hard but true fact. So what I think needs to happen is this: have your excuse all you want. But realize the explanation as to why the excuse is justified has nothing to do with the fact that the results won’t be there for you if you don’t do the work and make it happen. I would like you to have expectations for results that match the work you are able, or unable—for whatever reason—to put in.

And if you realize that you pay a very dear price for the more excuses you let get in your way, you may decide to reposition some of your excuses.  You may even decide to eliminate some of them. Because many excuses are in the eye of the beholder. Many excuses come up only when you don't think much is at stake. Maybe more is at stake than you think.

The choice is yours.

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