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Learn How to Override
the Unhelpful Messages
from Your Silly Human Brain

Who hasn't come across a motivational book, article, or quote recently? I think a lot of us are seeking to change our negative thinking (which is ever so natural) into something more positive and productive. Which is a wonderful thing.

However, reading a tip on how to be more positive and living that advice are two entirely separate things. Sometimes, we feel like a failure at 'thinking positive.' We feel like we can't even do THAT right. 

Well, here's a concept that's bound to make you feel better.

"I am not responsible for my FIRST THOUGHT, but I am responsible for my SECOND THOUGHT"

So, here's the way it plays out. You encounter a big project at work. 

FIRST THOUGHT: "There is no way I am going to be able to pull off this project by the deadline. I'm not even sure I'm smart enough to do it."

This thought is clearly self-sabotaging and negative in nature. So, you had the thought. No problem. Just use that as a trigger to move to your second thought.

SECOND THOUGHT: "I will assess the reality of how long it should take me to finish this project and talk to my boss if necessary. I will come up with a list of people who can help me if it turns out I am in over my head."

As you can see, the FIRST THOUGHT was all about running away and bailing out. The SECOND THOUGHT was a rational, uplifting coach and planner who leaves you feeling empowered and capable.

Many people seem to think that successful people just walk around with positive thoughts all the time. It's not true. Successful people just have more resistance. They match and overtake their FIRST THOUGHTS with a more useful SECOND THOUGHT. And the more they do it, the easier and more natural it becomes.

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