Learn how to get real weight loss results, rather than the weight yo-yo that is so very frustrating.

real weight loss resultsLearn how to get real weight loss results, rather than fleeting ones that are here today, gone tomorrow.

Real weight loss results take a lot more than hopping on board to a fad or a crash diet. I can teach you how real weight loss results will come when you ditch "replacement rewards" in favor of "real rewards" that last.

As human beings, we are programmed to enjoy the feeling of getting a rewards. This can be used to our advantage when we go after "real" rewards. However - be wary of replacement rewards. Replacement rewards trick you into feeling accomplished without actually adding to your life.

Not sure what I mean? Consider this.

Learn how to trade replacement rewards for real weight loss results.


You enjoy how it feels to see the scale drop. However, it's boring to always be on a diet. So - you lose 2 lbs. by watching what you eat all week. Then, you gorge yourself over the weekend. Oops! Now you have gained that weight back, and then some.

We all know that the first pounds are the easiest to lose. So now you get to 're-lose' those "easier" initial pounds, again. Week in and week out you enjoy the feeling that are losing weight, but really you are just spinning your wheels, never getting anywhere. This is a replacement reward.


You like to get into a workout routine, but after awhile it gets tiresome. You push yourself day in and day out for weeks, only to get run down and injured and have to take a break.

After your break, you get back on the horse, however you've lost all your strength and have to work just to regain the lost muscle. You never really have to get stronger, because you're always "coming back." Replacement reward.


You have an important issue to confront with another person in your personal life, but you really don't ever feel like dealing with it. Actually, the issue just makes you want to cry when you think about it.

Rather than dealing with it, you decide to turn on a sad movie. It feels good to get that cry out, but in the end, the real issue you have in your life is still there. Replacement reward.


The work day has begun, and there are so many looming projects you really need to dig into. But it's overwhelming, so you open up your inbox, and spend the first three hours of your work day answering emails that really could have waited or could have been deleted.

However, you feel accomplished with each email that you tackle. In the end, though, nothing "real" got done. Replacement reward.

What replacement rewards have you been falling for that you could replace with real rewards that will bring you real weight loss results? Please share with us, below!

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