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Question But Believe

As a trainer, I love when client ask questions about why I want things done a certain way. Questions like 'Why is it important that I do weights before cardio?,' 'Why do I need all that protein,' and 'Why should I bother doing intervals?' are all great questions that show you are really interested and intent on trying to apply my advice. There is nothing worse as a trainer when a person just nods with eyes glazed over and I can tell that there is no way they are going to do what I recommend!

On the other hand, there is nothing more offensive to a trainer than a client who does not believe the advice that the trainer is giving and decides to do things his or her own way. The programs just don't work very well when done halfway. Furthermore, if you have hired a trainer it means that you trust him or her to give you the best advice to help you reach your goals. If you don't trust that your trainer knows what he or she is talking about--it's time to find a new trainer!

So if you choose to remain with your trainer, be sure to give him or her full opportunity to help you by doing your absolute best to follow through with everything that he or she asks of you. It's OK if you feel like your trainer is pushing you too fast and you need to slow things down--but be sure to speak up. That way, your trainer can give you the best routine for you that is still within what you are willing to do.

The worst thing you could do is just take matters into your own hands and decide to modify your program on your own, because it makes it that much harder for your trainer to help you, and it makes your desired results much more difficult to achieve. You wouldn't hire a lawyer to draft up some documents for you and then change them on your own--so be sure to treat your training program with the same respect! It's fine to talk with your trainer about what does and doesn't work for you, but be sure to always be communicating with your trainer.

I can promise you that each and every client who has listened to and followed the advice of his or her Home Bodies trainer 'to a t' mreaches his or her goal. It takes some people longer than others, but each and every last person gets there. In fact, we guarantee your results with out service--provided that you do the work we ask.

We trainers love our jobs and love to work with everyone, from the beginner who is very overweight and has never exercised before to the highest elite athlete that's looking to up his or her competitive edge.

You should take comfort in the fact that you are involved in a program that is Guaranteed to work! How cool is that? Thanks to all of you for your continued support of Home Bodies, and for believing in our service!

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