High Protein Foods That Add Variety

Almost everyone knows that chicken and turkey are lean sources of protein, but there are plenty of other high protein foods that are just as good for you--and in fact, more variety in your protein foods is a good thing. Different high protein foods provide a different mix of amino acids to your diet, which will improve your physique. They also contain a variety of other important vitamins and minerals. Eating a variety of high protein foods makes it easier to stick to your diet in the long run, because you are less likely to get bored and give up. Here are some ideas for lean sources of high protein, as well as some protein-containing foods that are too fattening to include on a regular basis.

Quick Grabs: Lean Protein:

-Lean deli meat: including ham and roast beef
-Can of tuna
-Salmon or tuna in the pouches
-1% cottage cheese mixed with cereal or fruit
-1% or fat free yogurt
-Glass of 1% or skim milk
-Can of crab meat
-Can of tiny shrimp
-Fresh shrimp
-Part-skim string mozzarella cheese
-Whey or egg protein smoothie with milk and/or fruit
-Pre-hard boiled egg whites (if you have the yolks, limit to one if you are dieting)

Some prep work: Lean Proteins

-Lean ground beef burgers: Look for beef with 5 grams or less of fat/serving. Serve on a portobello mushroom in place of a bun.
-Fresh seafood including steamers, mussels, and lobster
-Egg white omelet with veggies and low-fat cheese
-Any type of fresh fish or seafood

For a new twist on chicken and turkey, try:

-1% to 7% ground turkey burgers--more interesting texture than regular turkey. Serve on a portobello mushroom in place of a bun.
-Create a stir-fry with lots of different veggies and a sauce or marinade
-Create a soup with a hearty serving of protein in each bowl
-Make an interesting salad a hearty serving of protein with veggies of at least three different colors (no iceberg lettuce allowed!)
-Soak your poultry in low-calorie marinades prior to cooking
-Have a sandwich on sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel is a great brand)

Protein sources that are too fatty to include every day, but okay once or twice a week

-Peanut butter: 1 serving=2 tbsp.
-All types of nuts: 1 serving=small handful
-Regular cheeses, all types
-Regular ground turkey
-Regular ground beef
-Poultry with the skin left on
-Chicken wings or drumsticks
-Full-fat milk, cottage cheese, or yogurt
-Full-fat tofu

Consume 1 serving of protein 3-6 times a day for best body-changing results, high energy, and robust health!

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