Portable Strength Training

Many people travel in the springtime, and it is usually a gamble to see if your destination has facilities that will allow you to continue your workouts—and that assumes you will even have the opportunity to get to the fitness center to work out. Sometimes a vacation is a welcome break from training, but other times you might prefer to keep training even while on vacation. Here is a full-body circuit-training routine that will keep your heart and muscles in tip-top shape…and it can be performed right in your hotel room or on the beach with no equipment at all!

*When there is a choice listed for the exercise, the first option is the easier option, and the difficulty progresses with the other options listed.

Perform as many of each exercise as you can before moving on to the next exercise (always keeping good form!) Rest as little as possible between sets. Perform the circuit a total of 1-4 times. The longer you continue, the more aerobic the workout becomes.

1. Push-ups against a table, on your knees on the floor, or on your toes on the floor
2. Stationary lunges
3. Arch-ups for your back, facedown on your stomach
4. Dips facing away from a chair with your hands on the chair, knees bent or straight
5. Ab crunches with legs up on a couch with knees bent or held up in the air with knees bent
6. Squats as deep as you can go

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