Playground Workout for
Moms and Dads

Research shows that when you're crazy-busy, exercising helps you balance work-home life better. And you don't need a ton of time or a swanky gym to get in a good workout. See the playground as your gym, using the unique equipment to do heart-pumping, muscle-toning exercises. 'A slide, swings, and monkey bars test your balance, agility and strength, using them you'll burn calories and sculpt. Do 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps of these moves.

Monkey Bars

Hanging bicycle. Works shoulders, back, biceps, abs, obliques. Jump and grab one of the monkey bars with both hands (palms facing down). Raise legs to hip level (so body forms an L shape). Draw right knee toward chest, then straighten leg and draw left knee in for 1 rep. Continue, quickly alternating sides.


Reverse climb. Works abs, butt, hamstrings. Crouch on the bottom of the slide, facing the top. Climb up as quickly as possible. Slide down or take the stairs down for 1 rep.


Split Squat. Works butt, quads, hamstrings. STand facing away from swing with top of right food on seat. Bend knees until right knee hovers above ground. Straighten leg for 1 rep. Do all reps, switch sides and repeat.


Walking push-up. Works shoulders, chest, biceps, abs, butt. Start in plank with hands on the far right side of the bench. Do a push-up, then walk left hand and foot left, then right hand and foot for 1 rep. Perform another push-up. Continue this pattern until you reach the end. Then, walk hands and feet the other way until you complete all reps.

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