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Low-Carb Too Strict?
There Is A Compromise That Works.

Most people admit that low-carb diets work for weight loss and maintenance, but the truth is they are no fun. 

There are a few different ways you can enjoy the more rapid weight loss and reduced hunger that most people experience when following a low-carb eating plan without having to give up your favorite foods forever. Here are a few:

1. The low-carb/high-carb cycle diet.

During a diet such as this you restrict your carbohydrates 5 or 6 days per week and allow yourself a reasonable portion of your carb-laden favorites 1 or 2 days per week. 

Make it work better:

For best results, stick to low-fat foods and perform a tough full-body weight training workout on the high-carb day. This will encourage your body to store the carbs in your muscles as opposed to adding unwanted body fat.

2. The workout-based carb plan.

During a diet such as this you eat low carb in general, but pre- or post-workout (or both) consume foods that are higher in carbohydrate. Pre- and post-workout are both times when your body is primed to use carbs for energy and refueling your muscles. 

Make it work better:

The workouts that call for higher-carb eating are strength-training workouts and interval training (high intensity cardio). Do not increase carbohydrates around steady-pace or easy cardio workouts or around yoga type workouts.

3. The portion-based carb plan.

All you do here is eat a small portion of carb-heavy foods and a larger portion of protein and vegetables.

Make it work better:

Avoid eating large amounts of fat during meals or snacks that have more carbs. If you’re eating a very low-carb meal or snack (think chicken breast with lettuce) you can afford to add some healthy fat such as nuts or salad dressing.

4. The pick-a-meal carb plan.

This plan is easy—you simply choose only one meal per day that includes grains. Keep the portion to the size of your fist or two flat palms.

Make it work better:

Once or twice a week, follow very low carb (the only added carbs are from vegetables and limited fruits). Once or twice per week, allow yourself to have additional carbs at two meals or snacks. 

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