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Check out these super-inspiring personal trainer success stories!

Every month I choose a very special client of the month. It’s my way of acknowledging great relationships and good effort, and saying, "thank you" for your hard work, your word of mouth advertising and your repeat business. Read all about the clients of the month here, and get inspired!

personal training success stories

Angela Armendariz of Ipswich MA "The program Gina has created, and this is also the main reason I like it, is that she has curated at program that addresses the fundamental muscles and structures in my body that have contributed to my ongoing issues. She has focused on the ‘root causes’ and I really like that approach."

Kirsten Zimmerman of Brookline NH "I was that kid that didn’t like exercise. I just didn’t like being out of breath and sweaty. As an adult and mother of 8, I had gotten to a point that I realized I was really limited in what I can do, and that exercise was the only way to change it."

Dennis Spurling of Atkinson NH: "I am really happy I made the choice and commitment I did and I see going forward that this is the way I’m gonna be. This program is the most intense thing I’ve ever done. Some days don’t think I could do it because of feeling tired, etc. but I’m always happy at the end that I did it."

Dick Blinn of Windham NH: "Personal training is an investment in yourself. I’m sure there are many individuals like me who spend money on many things and many people but not on their own well-being."

Sue Peavey of Wakefield MA: "Finding Donna Fuller, one of the Home Bodies trainers, was a lifesaver for me. She offers encouragement when I need it and helps push me to the next level. She really did her homework on my disease prior to our first visit--I was impressed."

Kristy Regan of Haverhill MA: "I started with Gina last April. I have lost almost 20 lbs and couldn't be happier. I am running in 5 k races now (which has always been a dream) and I am still working to lose more weight. "

Erika Mingo of NH, Bikini Competitor: "It was so nice to have someone believe in me, be excited for me, and help me do something that I really wanted to do."

Eileen C. of Lunenberg MA: "Even during my days of college athletics, I have never felt this toned or energetic. I have received compliments on how much leaner and toned I look, especially on my wedding day!"

Jamie Freedman of Georgetown MA: "I feel that Gina works us hard, but not to the point of wanting to quit. She works us to want to move to the next level when we are ready for it. She is understanding if we are not feeling well or we had a really long day, since we don’t meet until 8pm!"

Rebecca Yazel of Lynnfield MA: "When I started working with Gina, I'll be honest--my only goal was to lose weight. Losing weight is great, but gaining the endurance and the muscle and strength overall has changed my life. "

Janet Westgage of NH: "As an older woman who surely is dismayed by her body’s hormonal betrayal, I felt timid to have a trainer that was intent on producing a body builder or marathon runner. Luckily, Angela put me right at ease."

Claire Kallelis of Amesbury MA: "I am proof that in spite of working crazy hours and lots of overtime as well as being a wife and mom, it is possible to fit in exercise and keep the focus on healthy eating."

Cath McGuire of Dover NH: "Some weeks I feel like I’ve followed the program to the letter, and some weeks I feel like I’ve been a slacker. Jenny always reminds me that it’s a brand new week and points out that my slacker weeks are actually 10 times better than my pre-trainer days."

Chuck Freedman of Georgetown MA: "It’s impressive that Home Bodies can provide someone who can design two unique workout plans and coach and administer them in tandem."

Tom Thompson of Northborough MA: "The whole routine of shlepping gym clothes back and forth and working out in public doesn’t appeal to me..."

Emily Weidman of North Andover MA: "If I hadn’t found such a great personal trainer, I think I would be still fumbling around in the dark feeling frustrated that I wasn’t making any progress."

Chris Sheedy of Rowley MA: "I [began to] kindly refer to my butt as ‘the $3,000 butt’ and Beth humorously reminded me that we wanted it to look good in my wedding dress."

Melissa Turco of Ashland MA: "I had it in my head that the only way to control my weight was with lots of vigorous miles and I just didn’t have the time or motivation to dedicate myself to that, so I resigned myself to a new "middle aged" body type."

Peter Accolla of North Reading MA: "Being 40 years old I feel I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school. To be able to go on the beach and not be self conscious is priceless."

Kathleen Gilroy of Newburyport MA: "I had it in my head that the only way to control my weight was with lots of vigorous miles and I just didn’t have the time or motivation to dedicate myself to that, so I resigned myself to a new "middle aged" body type."

Heidi Nicholson of Boxford MA: "I have always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to be in shape and healthy, but not until Gina came around did I become completely serious."

Jeanine Strafford of Cambridge MA: "The team approach using two trainers has been great because I am able to reap the benefits of Gina’s specialties as well as Amy’s"

Mike Myhre of Newburyport MA: "I have gone down 4 pant sizes since starting with Bill! And my cholesterol is lower than it's ever been."

Greg Reid of Boxford MA: "At 42 years old, my body was going in the wrong direction..."

Paulette Holtgrieve of Hampton NH: "Finding Gina was a godsend....I'm not sure without her that I would ever have done anything....I'd probably still be complaining about my physical well-being, but not doing anything to change it."

Martha Gale of Waltham MA: "After my first session with her, I was convinced...Gina gave me the sense that she understood my physical limitations. She has exceeded my expectations!"

Sharon Richard of Georgetown, MA:  "I Actually Weigh Less Than I Did Before I Had My Twins!"

Charlie Liponis of Andover, MA: "Mr. Liponis has improved his fitness level from being essentially immobile to now being able to take significant walks during his sessions, as well as visit family and friends outside of the home!"

Kim Alger of Hingham, MA: "I have never been a 'gym person,' and it's so much harder to lose weight as you get older..."

Nadine Romano of Lynnfield, MA: "My family needed a lifestyle overhaul!"

Eileen Shevelin of Dover Point, NH: "During our initial conversation, I not only recognized that Beth was professional and knowledgeable about weight training and the human body, but I also had a gut feeling that she was the kind of dependable, serious trainer I had been searching for."

Jessie Mills of Seabrook, NH: "I was so nervous the first time I met Gina. I mean, this is someone who was way more fit than I who was going to be taking my measurements..and well, I was afraid of her being a little bit of a drill sergeant! Nothing could be further from the truth."

Aaron Hamlin of Lawrence, MA: "I gain so much from my new healthier lifestyle that it doesn't feel like a sacrifice!"

Donna Winner of Hampton, NH: "Have Dumbbells, Will Travel."

Doug Alexander of North Andover, MA: "When it comes to working out and getting healthy, most of us (me included) just plain lie to ourselves."

Karen Casazza of Amesbury, MA: "Even if you're a member of a gym like I am, you should have a home program for times when you can't get there!"

Kathy Allen of North Reading, MA: "When I started training I asked, 'Is there hope for me?' Now I have far exceeded my own expections."

Susie Reaney of Rye, NH: "See if you can commit to going to the gym for 1 week (3 sessions)— I can guarantee you’ll keep coming back."

Diane Pendergast of Amesbury, MA: "Gina is good support and knowledgeable. She varies the program, which keeps workouts interesting."

Hatter's Point Group of Amesbury, MA: "Training is More Fun With Friends!"

Heather Siegel of Revere, MA: "I have been working out forever, but Gina is telling me things I never knew that make all the difference in my weight loss."

Brian Moses of Merrimack, NH: "I’ve had other trainers who try to impose their goals onto me. This experience has been completely different. It's all about what I want."

Christine Rivers of Boxford, MA "Eliminating travel time makes it much easier to fit exercise in among family and work obligations!"

Judy Ambler of West Newbury, MA: "I absolutely love my home weight training program!"

Chris Ferreria of Portsmouth, NH: "I have an extremely erratic work schedule, and I spend many of my days overseas with no access to weights. I have realized there is never an excuse not to work out."</a>

Sue Anderson of Kittery Point, ME: "Call Me Crazy, But I Actually Like To Exercise!"

Francine Vozzella of Saugus, MA: "Everyone has marveled at the way my body changes every single month, and it only takes two workouts per week to achieve this."

Darlene Mack of Lynnfield, MA: "I am sort of at that maintenance phase, and a contest like this mixes things up for me."

Tanya Pope of Andover, MA: "Anyone can go to the gym…but if you’re not getting results, what’s the point??"

Andrea Bates of Medford, MA: "Having a trainer is the most effective way for me to stay accountable to my exercise routine."

Janet Butera of Weston, MA: "I used picking on food and snacking as an alternative to smoking... Finally I said, “Enough is enough!”

Carol Jacobs of Waltham, MA: "THANK YOU GINA for making me believe I can succeed at this!"

Marla Martorilli of Waltham, MA: "I want to tell my body what to do—not the other way around! And I want to be a hottie!"

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