Personal Trainer to Waltham, Newton, Wellesley, Cambridge, Weston, and surrounding areas
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Donna Fuller is a trainer who will help you find your own inner motivation and help you create belief in yourself. She also specializes in core and stability training.
Her enthusiasm for fitness is INFECTIOUS!

"I have never taken my health for granted and always enjoyed activity as opposed to inactivity. What was once a hobby became a passion. As the Fitness Industry started to evolve, I started enthusiastically educating myself and found this knowledge fascinating.

I love, love love the fitness industry! I had the opportunity to own a health club. I was excited to be part of such a dynamic field and truly enjoyed working with my staff and helping members achieve their goals. When the facility was sold I went back to a very promising corporate environment, but to the chagrin of my co-workers, I made a choice to follow my passion-- I became a personal fitness trainer. It is the best decision I have made for my career, and I have never looked back. I only look forward to see where this industry will take us next!

When I meet a new client, I do an assessment to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. I encourage them to talk about what their past experiences have been and what their current goals may be. I take the time to listen to my client, and really hear what he or she is saying to me. This helps me to understand how I can help them to achieve their success. I believe many things define success.

Often times, I find people don't believe in themselves, so I try to let them know that I will believe in them even if they don't. I know with my help and support they can achieve success, and I guarantee we can have some fun doing it!!

In my programs I use cardio intervals, circuit training, core/stability work, weights, rubber bands, fitness balls, etc. I have taught many group fitness classes and can provide workouts like that when desired. I feel we have so many choices for exercise, why not keep things Interesting?

The most important thing for clients to understand, at the risk of sounding trite, is MODERATION!!! I believe making the best choices for our diet and exercise program is the key. For clients that are interested, I have them keep a log of what they are eating so we both can understand where some of the problems (if any) may be, and I can help them to make better choices. I try to help them understand that this is not a punishment, it is actually a reward for their body and they will soon reap many benefits from these choices."

Donna’s Qualifications

• Associates Degree Mass Bay College, Watertown, MA
• Bachelors Degree Regis College, Weston, MA
• Masters Degree Lesley College, Cambridge, MA
• Certified Personal Trainer National Academy of Sports Medicine
• Owned and Managed a Health Club, Maynard, MA
• Assistant Manager, Waltham Racquet and Sports Club, Waltham, MA
• Owner of Your Personal Trainer, In Home Training, Waltham, MA (over twelve years)

Donna Fuller is based out of Waltham, MA. She is available to work with clients 45 min. surrounding Waltham.

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