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My name is Gina Paulhus (although my maiden name 'Gina Paolino' was used when I wrote this book). I am a highly successful personal trainer and owner of an in-home fitness training business that serves four states and hundreds of clients per year. I say this not to toot my own horn, but to let you realize what a wonderful opportunity you have to receive all the secrets of my clients' weight loss success for FREE!

Do you know what is highly overrated? Willpower. Do you know another thing that is highly overrated? Discipline. My clients are successful people who have all the material possessions they could ever want (they have to be, to afford my services). They have achieved this level of success by being highly competent, educated individuals. Why, then, did they struggle with their weight and being out of shape for so many years? Well, you know that it's NOT lack of willpower--they have already proved they have that. How else could they be so successful in this world?

What my clients struggled with was a set of faulty programming in their heads about what it takes to lose fat and gain muscle tone--AND IT WASN'T THEIR FAULT. Everywhere you turn you read an article about this diet or that diet, or see an exercise device on an infomercial...the myths and misconceptions about what it really takes to be in shape abound, and the main reason that these crooks dispensing this information can get away with it is because the average adult just isn't savy enough to smell the real stuff from the snake oil...

But my clients are different. They have proven they are different because they decided to listen to what I have to say, and their bodies are showing it. Anyone who goes to a professional and ignores the hype and hoopla of false claims, faulty methods, and fad diets is a cut above, and understands that 5 minute-abs is a huge, awful joke.

I don't teach willpower, I teach strategies that work. The person who works harder and longer at exercise, or the person that cuts calories the lowest, is not the person who has the best results. No--it's the person who does things the right way, and takes planned breaks and cheats that actually help him or her get closer to his or her goals and not further away--is the person who has the best results. Furthermore, the person who has the best results is the person who is in the best mental place to use and apply the information--the person who is in control, not the person who is acting out of control, emotionally.

There are 30 Specific Secrets Personal Trainers know that seperates them from the rest--let's face it, think about how the average personal trainer looks, and compare that to how the average person looks. I rest my case! Personal trainers do not work out longer or harder, or eat less than the average person. They simply know the secrets of making all of this come together. And I have revealed them all in my book, "Mind Over Fatter: A 30-Day Overhaul of the Mindset That Has Sabotaged Your Fitness and Weight Loss Success."

While some of these folks knew just a little about effective exercise and nutrition, others knew just about as much as I did, and this is what I do for a living! What they didn't know was how to put their "Mind Over Fatter" to finally execute their plan. And they didn't know the secrets only personal trainers know for how LESS can be MORE with exercise and nutrition. What personal trainers know that the general public doesn't is this: Cheating on a diet usually helps, not hurts, your results. But it's not just any cheating that will do. You need to cheat SMART. Also, people who skip workouts from time to time usually do BETTER than those who don't. But, again you need to be SMART about when you skip your workouts. Again, secrets personal trainers know.

My colleagues think I'm crazy, (and I probably am)...but I don't care. I've let the cat out of the bag with my 30-Day System for Weight Loss and Fitness Success. I command upwards of $100 per working hour for my WHY ON EARTH would I reveal these secrets to you?

Please don't take this personally, but--I'm willing to reveal these secrets because I feel bad for you. I really do. I feel bad for everyone I see who is overweight, out of shape, and generally not his or her best. Life is not meant to be this way. My own father has struggled with being overweight and I could witness the pain firsthand. I cannot live with myself knowing that I hold the key to another human being's happiness, and withhold that. So I've removed the barriers to accessing personal trainer secrets that are usually reserved for the well-to-do.

Look, I know you're on this web page right now because your body is not where you'd like it to be. Your pants are tight, you feel sluggish and bloated, you have rolls of fat where there were none before, or your arms do that dreaded "double wave." Chances are you've tried different programs with varying degrees of success. I think it's safe to say that, if they worked great for you, you wouldn't be here reading this right now. The fact of the matter is that there are more diet programs, diet products, weight loss supplements, fitness programs, and health clubs THAN EVER BEFORE...yet Americans are FATTER THAN EVER BEFORE. We get more formal exercise THAN EVER BEFORE...yet more Americans are FATTER THAN EVER BEFORE. We consume more diet products including artificial sweeteners THAN EVER BEFORE, yet Americans are FATTER THAN EVER BEFORE. What's going on?

As far as I'm concerned, there are two main issues to blame for the fattening of America.

1. Diet and Exercise Programs by and large are a Band-Aid--they treat the SYMPTOM (excess weight) but not the CAUSE (a sluggish metabolism). Even if they work in the short-term, they typically aren't sustainable as a long-term solution for weight control, UNLESS THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM OF A SLUGGISH METABOLISM IS FIXED.

2. People aren't taping into the immense power of the mind to make a change in their lives. In fact, people let their mind work AGAINST them, making it HARDER than it has to be to lose weight and get in shape.

As a personal trainer, I feel it is my civic duty to help people overcome these two main problems that are sabotaging their weight loss. I decided to create a weight loss System to teach people how to overcome them and easily achieve fitness and weight loss success. I knew this project had to be manageable for the average person to be able to take on, so I broke up the program into 30 easy-to-follow Strategies to ensure your fitness and weight-loss success. They are designed to be tackled one day at a time, so that the entire program can be completed in one month's time.

Here is what this System will teach you:

#1 No Fear!
How to make a commitment to change

#2 Stop Procrastinating
How to increase your productivity and decrease your stress level

#3 Talking "up"
How to use positive self-talk to promote success

#4 You are the Feature Presentation
How to visualize success

#5 Applying discipline and creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals
How goal-mapping ensures your success
#6 Developing a plan of action
How to organize your goals into daily, short-term, and long-term

#7 Fine-toothed comb
How to be sure of success

#8 What's Up Doc?
Consulting with your Physician

#9 It's a Breeze
How to easily implement your action plan

#10 I'm Obsessed
How to make your goals a positive obsession

#11 A spoonful of sugar
How to create a supportive exercise atmosphere

#12 Decisions, decisions
Choosing your health and fitness resources

#13 If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
How to rehearse for success

#14 Hocus Focus
How to concentrate during exercise and eating to maximize results

#15 Food Cravings and Exercise Avoidance
How to overcome the need for instant gratification that will sabotage your success

#16 Really Needing it
How to make success a necessity in your life
#17 Just do something
How exercise action and mini-workouts yield results

#18 Time on your side
How to make the time to be a regular exerciser

#19 Do it right or don't do it at all
Strict form makes all the difference

#20 Better safe than sorry
How to exercise to get healthy, not to get injured

#21 48-hour rule: Leave that muscle alone!
How rest allows you to progress even faster

#22 The stronger, the better
How to use strength and performance as a results indicator

#23 Just right
Choosing the right resistance

#24 Racking up those miles
How cardiovascular work fits into the picture

#25 Time on your side
How to make the time to be a regular exerciser

#26 Surprise, surprise!
Keep mixing things up

#27 Strain to Gain
How to push through your exercise comfort zone

#28 Handle with care
How to treat your body right

#29 Sit down already!
Why rest is crucial to achieving the body you want

#30 Congratulate yourself!
How to completely enjoy and appreciate all that you've accomplished

Here are a handful of testimonials from readers who weren't just satisfied; they were THRILLED...

"Between family and work commitments and lacking motivation to get started, I haven't exercised on a regular basis for years, even though I've been meaning to for the longest time. Reading Mind Over Fatter made me want to get out there right away and exercise! After finishing each Strategy I couldn't help but move on to the next. The book clearly explains all angles, options, and potential obstacles a person can encounter when trying to get fit and fight fat. I've been exercising every day since I finished reading a couple of weeks ago, and I'm already feeling a difference."

Susan Rowe, Amesbury MA

"Gina is super-knowledgeable, versatile, and extremely dedicated to the exercise field--in short, a true fitness coach who is committed to making sure you get results. Gina makes the process of getting in shape (or in better shape) enjoyable, doable and attainable. With her book's help, I was able to lose 14 inches and 14 lbs. in just 12 weeks--and stay committed to my fitness goals."

Carolyn Dupree, Danvers MA

"Do you want success guaranteed or double the pounds back? Gina Paolino is a motivator who will become your partner in developing an individualized program to success–-Guaranteed for life."

Magdalena, Portsmouth NH

"If you feel like you've tried everything to lose weight and get in shape and failed at each one, this System is exactly what you need because nothing is left to chance. It covers all bases, including the physiology of what works and what doesn't, mental and psychological aspects of training, and the planning, implementation, and adaptation of your program over time. Perhaps more importantly, it's inspiring, motivating, and fun to read. It really gets you excited about working out."

Bill Ferrero, MD. Portsmouth NH

As if all of that weren't enough, this System also Includes some phenomenal BONUS sections that I will be selling in the future as stand-alone projects. Each of these Bonus Articles alone are worth the price of the book...and I'm including them ALL FOR FREE! If you apply the information from any one of these articles, you will lose weight and increase the tone of your body almost instantly...

--The Fundamentals of Metabolism

--Energy Balance

--The 7 Keys to Raising Your Metabolism for Life
(This Section ALONE is worth the price of the entire book)

Mind Over Fatter also includes a BONUS Reference Section:

--The 10 Tricks You Need to Know to Eat Right for One (You will be shocked at how fast and easy it is to make delicious meals that allow the weight to just fall off of you!)

--General Nutrition Guidelines (Like a Crash Course in Nutrition 101)

--The 80/20 Rule and Eating in Moderation (This teaches you when it's Okay to Cheat without ruining your progress)

--Artificial Sweeteners (The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners and Fat Gain WILL Shock You!)

--The Skinny on Alcohol (The Real Truth About How You Get a Beer Belly)

--Eating Out the Healthy Way (It IS Possible!)

--Fast Food on a Diet (It's not as bad as you think!)

--Just How Much Time is Required to Experience the Benefits of Exercise?

--Fit with Four (This GEM teaches you how to experience all the benefits of weight training in just 10 minutes, twice per week!)

--Progressive Resistance Cycle Training: A Systematic, Scientific Approach to Your Exercise Routine (Attention Advanced Exercisers! FINALLY bust through that frustrating plateau with these revolutionary techniques).

--Body Types and Training Suggestions (No, everyone should NOT work out the same way)

--Sources of Information on Diet and Training (If you are still hungry for more)

EXTRA BONUS: Includes photos of Gina demonstrating correct form on some basic exercises.

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