“Everyone Told Me I Should Become a Personal Trainer, and Here I Am!”

Meet Home Bodies Trainer Tony Brown: Covering Rhode Island and Surrounding Mass. Locations

"Working out is my life--I practically live in the gym. I also love helping people, which means personal training comes very naturally to me. I want everyone to experience how good it feels to be active and in shape. People have always told me I should become a personal trainer, and here I am!

Upon receiving my certification, I began as a self-employed personal trainer. I have always noticed that, wherever I go, many people will watch me work out. They see the way I work and want to know my methods. I always knew that people wanted to learn from me. They know that I know what I’m doing. No matter which gym I go into, I always attract attention. I don’t say this to brag, but to let you understand why I decided to enter into the health and fitness field.

When I work with a new client, I start by talking to him or her to find out what he or she wants-- I make it 100% about the client. I want to know the client’s specific goals. Armed with that information, I can explain what I can do for them and how long it will take, and what they need to do to help themselves. The time we spend during the sessions is only about 60% of the result—I let them know what they can do every day to help achieve their goal. I ease a new client into the program so their body can adjust. However, I will definitely crack down on them if they need a kick in the butt. Most of the time this isn’t necessary because I train people progressively and try not to make it unnecessarily stressful or painful. I want my clients to be happy AND get the results they want--You can definitely do both. My clients grow to be self-motivated due to my guidance and approach, which is to build up their confidence and fitness level over time.

I emphasize healthy lifestyle, not too much with dieting or supplements. I built my body just working out hard and working out right, and my clients can do the same.

One thing that sets me apart as a trainer is that I have my clients moving more. When I look around at training that is being conducted at most gyms, I don’t see that happening. The clients are resting between exercises and not really breaking a sweat. I have my clients doing a little more moving. We vary between using the treadmill, the elliptical, and all kinds of resistance exercises including bodyweight exercises and using dumbbells and barbells. I have all my clients doing specialized workouts. I’ll work out alongside them to help motivate them. Every minute I have them doing something different. Training with me is never boring! We’re having fun but working hard and getting great results!

Tony’s Credentials:

● Certified A.M.P.F.T. Personal Trainer, "Expert" Level
● Eastern Football League (EFL) Offensive M.V.P. 2001-2002
● Expert motivator—his energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

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