“Successful clients become happier and healthier which keeps me motivated to change lives one client at a time."

Meet Home Bodies Trainer Holly McGrath

"I have played sports since I was 6 years old. I have always had a passion for sports and fitness which led me to play collegiate soccer at a competitive level. After college, I became certified as a personal trainer and learned more about health, fitness, and nutrition. This is when I became more passionate about the industry and helping clients reach their personal goals.

Transforming the lives of others has solidified my decision to make fitness a career. Successful clients become happier and healthier which keeps me motivated to change lives one client at a time. Also, I am aware of the internal health benefits to clients as well. It is very rewarding to not only help a client look better but also contribute to decreasing the potential for serious diseases.

Education is a very important concept that I like to implement with new clients. I like to help the client set goals and educate them on the way their body works preworkout, during a workout, and post workout including nutritional demands of the body. My goal is for my client to feel more confident, energetic, healthy, and happy. They will be given the tools for not only short term success but a change in lifestyle. It is important for me to instill the value in my clients to lead a healthy life for the rest of their lives.

My favorite types of training are athletic based including circuit training.Compound movements are very important to working out the whole body and targeting slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, while working on strength and balance. Once a client advances, I like to mix work outs up with boxing type exercises along with cross fit style circuit. However, I do take into consideration the health limitations of a client and like to stick with workouts they are more likely to continue on a long term basis.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. Diet will yield most of your results while training. Calories in to calories out will directly correlate to weight loss. Fueling the body properly will aid in recovering after a work out to shedding the pounds desired by a client. Exercise needs to be changed on a regular basis. The body responds to what it is not used to therefore it is important to continuously change up your work out routine in order to see results for your body."

Here is Why Holly Should Be Your Trainer:

● I am dedicated to a clients goals.
● I will work closely with a client in order for them to reach their goals.
● I will listen to a clients feedback and keep close communication with their mental as well as physical state.
● My athletic backgroud and variety of training I have done myself has made me a well rounded trainer.
● Currently, I take classes at an MMA gym, do yoga once a week, and work in circuits that my body is not used to.
● I understand the difficulty of incorporating work outs into a busy lifestyle, which is why I would be the motivator for a client to take care of their body, mind, and overall well being.

Holly McGrath is Home Bodes Personal Trainer to Portland, Hartford, New Britain, Menden, Middletown CT and surrounding areas.

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