Meet Terrance Hofer,
Home Bodies Personal Trainer
to Plymouth MA and surrounding areas.

Terrance grew up a year younger than all of his classmates and therefore was usually the smallest kid in class. After playing the 'underdog' role for so many years he decided to lift weights to feel better and improve his strength and conditioning for his sport, soccer. The strength, growth and improvement gained from training were vast, dramatic and forever life changing for Terrance.

At fifteen years old he became a fitness instructor at Mountain Lakes YMCA in New Jersey. Henceforth, fitness and training became a cornerstone for his life. Terrance took jobs working at premier clubs in USA such as Reeboks Sports Club New York and Pacific Athletic Club in California.

Fitness has always been a true passion and joy for Terrance. 'To do what you love and love what you do' makes life a lot easier. After many years of early self-training in the teens, Terrance loved taking the opportuniy to share his knowledge with others, and to guide and inspire them. The sharing of knowledge and experience became greater than the process itself.

Terrance places tremendous emphasis on being a service-oriented individual towards the customer. His clients can expect an excellent listener, guide and wise teacher with twenty plus years experience in the business.

Although Terrance has worked with clients from many walks of life, he has a lot of experience working with dancers and athletes. His specialties are training for weight-loss and teen/child training.

Terrance places an emphasis on sound, balanced nutrition as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. He encourages the development of simple but crucial habits such as adequate water intake (about half the bodyweight in ounces). He always encourages a high intake of fruits and veggies. Because there are many factors to consider with each individual, the best nutritional plan involves customizing according to lifestyle/interests/cultural background/activities/goals, etc. The same principle applies with training. Circuit training is highly effective for weight loss, while heavy weight training is ideal for football players. It's all about providing the best possible service to meet the desires, interests, goals of each client.

Terrance Hofer's Qualifications and Certifications

*B.S. Exercise Science
*1 yr. study @ yoga/shaman school (500 hrs. yoga alliance)
*Yoga student ten+ years
*Certified ReikiMaster
*Currently teach core/yoga/circuit/athlete training in Cohasset MA
*Over twenty years experience in fitness industry

Terrance Hofer serves areas up to 45 minutes away from Plymouth, MA including: Kingston, Hanover, and Wareham MA.

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