"If you are looking for the best
fat-burning results in the least amount of
time, try my circuit training workouts...

I have seen firsthand the complete
body transformations that
result from circuit training."

Meet Jenna Fales, personal trainer to
Andover, Reading, Chelmsford, Burlington, Middleton
and other areas north of Boston.

For 14 years I spent all my time dancing. In high school my father introduced me to strength training and I was hooked for life! I was always in great shape from dancing, but when I added the weight training my body took new form. I felt so much stronger and more confident in myself (not to mention my legs looked great on stage!). After being 'sold' on the benefits of exercise, I took up running, biking and aerobics classes.

As my passion for fitness grew over my early years, I developed a strong desire to share my passion with others. I decided to pursue a degree in exercise physiology and also became an aerobics instructor. My degree has been my greatest asset as a personal trainer because I now have extensive training in exercise prescription. My degree in exercise physiology qualifies me to work with all different ages, abilities, and fitness levels. I also have a specialty in working with cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients. I feel very confident in taking a client with limitations or injuries and assisting them to achieve their goals while working around any obstacles.

Another area I have focused on is nutrition. For anyone looking to lose weight, increase energy, and just lead a healthier life, nutrition is a key ingredient to making that happen. I know that one single formula of eating doesn’t work for every individual, so I like to work with clients on making a healthy food choices enjoyable. I discourage following just another fad diet or an unrealistic eating plan that just doesn't mesh with real life. I strongly believe that the three components of eating well, strength training, and cardiovascular activity must work together to help you achieve the greatest results.

The most rewarding part of being a trainer is watching my clients achieve their goals and see them excited about the great new changes they have made in their lives. Nothing makes me feel better than when I have helped to make a difference in someone’s life.

A large part of my training involves circuit training. With my background in aerobics, I have seen the complete body transformations that result from circuit training. It is a great way to combine cardio and strength training and get a highly effective workout in a shorter amount of time. The pace of circuit training keeps your heart rate elevated so you burn more calories during your workout. It’s challenging, effective, and lots of fun! It’s important to avoid doing the same routine over and over for long periods of time--your muscles get used to that and you will plateau. Having a trainer change your circuit training regulary keeps your muscles guessing and helps you continue to achieve new levels of fitness.

Jenna’s Certifications and Qualifications

*B.S. in exercise physiology
*NETA certified personal trainer
*CPR certified
*Group Fitness Instructor Training, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
*Currently teaching group fitness classes in gyms and corporate fitness centers: muscle conditioning, bootcamps, kickboxing, step, and cardio conditioning classes.

Jenna Fales is based out of Westford, MA. She covers areas up to about 40 minutes away from Westford, including: Andover, North Andover, Reading, North Reading, Burlington, Woburn, Lexington, Boxford, and Middleton, Groton, Littleton, Lawrence, Wilmington, Acton, Bolton, West Concord, Maynard, Lincoln, Billerica, Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury.

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